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What Are Big River Cherries: How To Grow Cherry Of The Rio Grande

By Laura Miller

Eugenia cherry of the Rio Grande is a slow-growing fruit tree with berries that both resemble and taste like cherries. Also known as big river cherries, these exotic fruit trees can be container grown and young trees are available online. Click here to learn more.

Planting A Eugenia Hedge: Tips On Eugenia Hedge Care

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Eugenia can be a quick and easy hedge solution. This broadleaf evergreen shrub, sometimes called brush cherry, is native to Asia but grows well in U.S. hardiness zones 10-11. Learn about growing eugenia shrubs for a privacy hedge in this article.

Eugenia Hedge Pruning: How To Prune A Eugenia Hedge

By Liz Baessler

Eugenia is very popular as a hedge in warm climates. In order to get an effective hedge, however, you have to do a certain amount of work. Learn more about Eugenia hedge maintenance and how to prune a Eugenia hedge here.

Eugenia Care: How To Plant Eugenia In Containers And Gardens

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Eugenia is a glossy leaved shrub or tree, which is often used as a hedge or privacy barrier. It makes an excellent potted plant too. Read this article for info on growing Eugenia plants.

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