Eugenia Hedge Pruning: How To Prune A Eugenia Hedge

By Liz Baessler

Eugenia is an evergreen shrub native to Asia and hardy in USDA zones 10 and 11. Because of its dense, evergreen foliage that forms an interlocking screen when planted close together, Eugenia is very popular as a hedge in warm climates. In order to get an effective hedge, however, you have to do a certain amount of work. Keep reading to learn more about Eugenia hedge maintenance and how to prune a Eugenia hedge.

Eugenia Hedge Maintenance

Eugenia is a shrub that can be trained as a small decorative tree, though few gardeners choose to grow it this way. It is much more popular as a hedge, with shrubs planted in a row 3 to 5 feet apart. With this spacing, the branches have the right amount of distance to grow together and create a dense wall of foliage.

In order to maintain a neat line, Eugenia hedge pruning is recommended at least two and as many as six times per year.

How to Prune a Eugenia Hedge

To achieve a tight, straight boundary along your yard, do your Eugenia hedge pruning six times throughout the growing season by simply snipping the foliage into a straight line with a pair of hedge clippers.

If you don’t mind a wilder, less manicured look, you can limit your pruning to once in the spring right after the flowers have faded, and once again in the fall.

While some pruning is recommended to keep the sides of your hedge straight, it’s up to you when to prune Eugenia vertically. Left to their own devices, Eugenia hedges can reach 20 feet in height. They’ll remain healthy, however, if you keep them as low as 5 feet high.

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