Information About Forsythia

Forsythia shrubs are one of the harbingers of spring, brightening up drab areas of the landscape with their cheery yellow blooms. Find out how to grow forsythias here and get additional tips and information on the continued care of forsythia bushes once they’re planted, including pruning of forsythia and dealing with common problems.

Forsythia Shrub Care – How To Care For Your Forsythia Plant

A forsythia plant can add dramatic flair to a yard in the early spring and are among the first plants to bloom. For tips on growing your own forsythia, read this article to learn more about forsythia shrub care.

Forsythia Rejuvenation Pruning: Tips On Hard Pruning Forsythia Bushes

Forsythias may start out as attractive landscape shrubs, but over time they can lose their luster. Learn more about hard pruning forsythia bushes once they’ve outgrown their space by clicking on the following article.

Forsythia Leaves Turning Yellow – Reasons For Yellow Leaves On Forsythia

If you see your forsythia leaves turning yellow, it could be a sign of a significant fungal issue. Yellowing forsythia bushes are normal before fall leaf drop but during the growing season it’s time for action. Learn more here.

Varieties Of Forsythia: What Are Some Common Forsythia Bush Varieties

Known for its bursts of brilliant yellow color that arrive even before the first leaf unfurls, forsythia is a delight to behold. But what other types are there? Find out about some popular forsythia varieties in this article. Click here fore more info.

Planting Forsythia Hedges: Tips On Using Forsythia As A Hedge

If you plan on using forsythia as a hedge, it is important to plant them correctly. This article has information on planting forsythia hedges and forsythia hedge pruning so you can find success with this type of hedge. Click here to learn more.

Can You Propagate Forsythia: How To Propagate Forsythia Shrubs

Forsythia bursts into bloom in late winter, well ahead of most other early-season shrubs. They look fantastic in groupings and shrub borders. If you can't get enough of them, read this article to find out about propagating forsythia plants.

Tips For Growing A Weeping Forsythia Shrub

A true harbinger of spring, forsythia blooms in late winter or spring. Weeping forsythia is slightly different from its cousin, the border forsythia, in that it has trailing branches. This article explains how to care for this large, graceful shrub.

Forsythia Gall Treatment: How To Fix Phomopsis Gall On Forsythia Bush

Forsythia shrubs are well known for their beauty and tenacity, but even the toughest of these shrubs can become sickly in the presence of phomopsis galls. Read this article to find out how to manage this unsightly fungus.

Reasons Why A Forsythia Will Not Bloom

Nothing says spring like those bright yellow blooms. But what happens when spring comes and nothing happens? If there are no blooms on the forsythia bush, it helps to pinpoint the issue. This article will help.

Pruning Forsythia – Tips For Trimming Forsythia Bushes

The sight of a forsythia bush will put a smile on any gardener’s face. It is one of the first signs that spring has arrived. But as the blooms fade, questions arise about forsythia trimming. Read here to find out more.