Pink Hydrangea Varieties: How To Pick A Pink Hydrangea Bush For Your Yard

Pink Hydrangea Bush
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Hydrangea bushes are among the most popular ornamental perennial shrubs available to home landscapers. Ranging widely in size at maturity, hydrangeas are a popular choice for gardeners who want to create show-stopping floral displays in flower beds and hedges. Hydrangea fans often search for pink hydrangea varieties, in particular. However, finding a true hot pink hydrangea variety may be more difficult than you expect. Understanding more about the growing needs of hydrangea plants will be key. 

Pink Hydrangea Bushes

Though blue is the most common color, pink and white hydrangea varieties can also be purchased at garden centers and nurseries. When shopping for hydrangea bushes, its important to identify which type to plant. Hydrangea macrophylla plants can produce stunning pink flowers. However, this will only occur under ideal conditions. 

Macrophylla flowers are known to change color depending upon soil pH and the availability of aluminum. To produce pink flowers, garden soil must be alkaline. This is usually achieved by adding garden lime.

Pink hydrangea flowers produced by other shrub types are much more likely to remain true to color, regardless of soil conditions. Among the most common types are Hydrangea arborescens and Hydrangea paniculata. Below, we have listed many popular pink garden hydrangea varieties

  1. Alice - A pink and white hydrangea that produces large conical blooms, it’s also beloved for its showy fall foliage.
  2. Endless Summer - Among the most widely available bigleaf hydrangeas, the color of these blooms can be changed from bright blue to deep pink by growers by simply adjusting soil pH.
  3. Gatsby Pink - An oakleaf type bush, Gatsby Pink produces massive pink and white hydrangea flower spikes. 
  4. Incrediball Blush - Like many other Incrediball varieties, blush shrubs produce immense white-pink blooms. These plants also demonstrate exceptional cold hardiness. 
  5. Invincibelle Spirit II - Much like the Annabelle hydrangea, this cultivar is prized for its strong upright stems, which resist drooping.
  6. Limelight - These large paniculata hydrangeas begin blooming in green and slowly fade to deep pink as the season progresses. They can also be shaped into exceptionally attractive pink hydrangea trees. 
  7. Pinky Winky - Like many varieties, Pinky Winky produces white blooms that gradually fade to pink with the approach of autumn. Flowers reach impressive sizes. 
  8. Preziosa - Hardy to USDA zone 6, Preziosa is among many smaller varieties of hydrangea. This makes it ideal for use near walkways or in foundation plantings. 
  9. Ruby Slippers - Another smaller hydrangea variety, Ruby Slippers produces deep pink flowers. 
  10. Vanilla Strawberry - Also known as a pink hydrangea tree, flowers of this paniculata open white and then change to blush pink.
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