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Japanese Andromeda Plant Varieties

By Teo Spengler

There are quite a few Pieris japonica varieties to choose among, so it’s best to get an overview before you head out to the plant store.

Propagating Pieris Plants: How To Propagate Pieris Plants In The Landscape

By Liz Baessler

The Pieris genus of plants is made up of seven species of evergreen shrubs and bushes that are commonly called andromedas or fetterbushes. But how do you go about propagating pieris plants? Learn more about how to propagate pieris bushes in this article.

Pieris Care And Planting – How To Grow Japanese Andromeda Bushes

By Jackie Carroll

Pieris japonica goes by many names, including Japanese andromeda, lily-of-the-valley shrub and Japanese pieris. Whatever you call it, you?ll never be bored with this plant. Read here for tips on growing this plant.

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