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Potted Mountain Laurel Care – Learn About Container Grown Mountain Laurels

By Liz Baessler

Mountain laurel shrubs are usually used as landscape plants, and can often be seen blooming in dappled shade under trees and taller shrubs. But can you grow mountain laurel in a pot? Click here to learn more about caring for mountain laurel in containers.

Mountain Laurel Leaves Are Browning – Why Are Mountain Laurel Leaves Turning Brown

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Mountain laurel usually remains green year round, so brown leaves on mountain laurels can be a sign of trouble. Determining the reason for brown mountain laurel leaves can be challenging and involves careful detective work. The following information may help.

Mountain Laurel Trimming Tips: How To Prune Mountain Laurel Bushes

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Growing to a general height and width of five to eight feet (1.5 to 2 m.), cutting back mountain laurels may occasionally be necessary to fit the space they are in. To learn how to prune mountain laurel shrubs, click on this article for more information.

Cuttings From Mountain Laurel Shrubs: How To Root Mountain Laurel Cuttings

By Teo Spengler

Mountain laurels grow happily reproduce from seeds, but these won’t reliably reproduce hybrid cultivars. The only way to be sure of clones is with cutting propagation. Growing cuttings from mountain laurel is possible, but not always easy. Learn more here.

Mountain Laurel Losing Leaves – What Causes Leaf Drop On Mountain Laurels

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Plants lose leaves for a variety of reasons. In the case of mountain laurel leaf drop, fungal, environmental and cultural issues may be the cause. Figuring out which is the hard part but, once you do, most fixes are fairly easy. This article can help.

Mountain Laurel Irrigation: How To Water A Mountain Laurel Shrub

By Liz Baessler

A sometimes overlooked North American native, mountain laurel is a very hardy, shade tolerant shrub that produces beautiful, showy flowers where many other plants will not. Learn more about mountain laurel water needs in this article.

Growing New Mountain Laurels: Learn About Mountain Laurel Propagation

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Propagating from plants in your yard is cheaper and more rewarding. Growing new mountain laurels can be done by a couple of accepted methods: by seed and by cuttings. Find out how to propagate mountain laurel shrubs in this article.

Diseases Of Mountain Laurel Bushes: What’s Wrong With My Mountain Laurel

By Amy Grant

If your mountain laurel has leaf spots or chlorotic foliage, you may be wondering, “Is my mountain laurel sick.” Like all plants, mountain laurels have their share of diseases. It is important to learn the signs of these diseases in order to treat them. This article will help.

Mountain Laurel Cold Hardiness: How To Care For Mountain Laurels In Winter

By Teo Spengler

Mountain laurels do not require coddling in your garden. However, if you live in an area with harsh weather, you may want to consider winter protection for mountain laurels. If you are wondering how to care for mountain laurels in winter, this article will help.

Mountain Laurel Seed Propagation: How To Plant Mountain Laurel Seeds

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

You can grow mountain laurel from seed or cuttings and produce one of these lovely bushes for your own garden. Click on this article to find out how to plant mountain laurel seeds along with some tips for optimal success.

Mountain Laurel Fertilizer Guide: When To Feed Mountain Laurels

By Teo Spengler

Although mountain laurels are native shrubs, some gardeners feel that they grow better if you fertilize them. If you’d like to know how to fertilize mountain laurels or what to use for mountain laurel fertilizer, then this article can help.

Mountain Laurel Pests – Fighting The Bugs That Eat Mountain Laurel Bushes

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Mountain laurel is a pretty flowering shrub that zone 5 through 9 gardeners like to use for screening, borders, and other yard elements. Unfortunately, there are a number of pests of mountain laurel that you will have to contend with. Learn what they are here.

Mountain Laurel Transplant Tips – How To Transplant Mountain Laurel Bushes

By Amy Grant

If you follow some mountain laurel transplant guidelines, moving mountain laurels is a fairly easy task. So how do you transplant a mountain laurel? For tips on how to move a mountain laurel in the landscape, the following article will help.

Mountain Laurel Problems: What To Do With An Unhealthy Mountain Laurel

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Though these plants are generally trouble-free, there are some issues which may cause plant vigor to suffer when growing mountain laurel. What’s wrong with my mountain laurel, you ask? Find out about common problems with mountain laurels here and how to fix them.

Mountain Laurel Growing: Care Of Mountain Laurel In The Landscape

By Jackie Carroll

Grown for its showy late spring and summer flowers and attractive, evergreen foliage, mountain laurel is a colorful asset to landscapes. Find additional mountain laurel information in this article.

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