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Growing photinia shrubs is a rewarding experience once they brighten the landscape with their beautiful red foliage. That being said, knowing the proper photinia plant care can make all the difference, as this shrub has its issues. Learn more about these and how to handle them in the following articles.

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Rooting Photinia Cuttings: How To Propagate Photinia Cuttings

By Jackie Carroll

Photinia is a common sight in eastern landscapes. Many gardeners feel that they can never have enough of these colorful shrubs. Read this article to find out how to save on your landscaping bills by propagating photinia from cuttings.

Red Tip Photinia Fertilizer: How And When Should I Feed My Red Tip Photinia

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Red tip photinia provides a lovely backdrop in the garden. Keeping the shrub healthy includes feeding phontinia. Read this article for more information on when and how to fertilize photinia plants.

Can You Hard Prune Red Tips: Learn About Rejuvenating A Red Tip Photinia

By Jackie Carroll

Red tip photinias are a staple in Southern gardens where they are grown as hedges or pruned into small trees. Rejuvenating a red tip photinia is easy, and can make an aging shrub look new again. Click here for more.

Pruning Photinia Shrubs: How And When To Prune A Red Tip Photinia

By Jackie Rhoades

Learning about pruning care for red tip photinia is not as straightforward as it initially appears. That being said, the information in this article can help provide tips for cutting back photinia shrubs.

Photinia Leaf Spot – Prevention And Treatment Of Common Photinia Bush Diseases

By Jackie Rhoades

Unfortunately, with the overuse and close planting of red tipped photinia, disease wasn?t far behind and resulted in constant, yearly attacks by photinia fungus also known as photinia leaf spot. Get more info here.

Growing Red Tip Photinia Plants

By Shari Armstrong

The red tip photinia is a popular shrub. It is important to provide the red tip photinia with a few basics to maintain a healthy plant and avoid photinia disease. Find out how to grow photinia shrubs in this article.

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