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By Becca Badgett
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The princess flower plant is an exotic shrub, sometimes reaching the size of a small tree. When growing princess flower shrubs in the landscape, you’ll find they quickly reach a height of 7 feet and higher and may reach a spread just as wide. Care of princess flower is easy and uncomplicated.

About Princess Flowers

Large purple flowers bloom in abundance from May through freezing weather. Botanically called Tibouchina urvilleana, blooms will appear throughout the year on the princess flower plant, with heaviest flowering from late spring and on into winter in tropical areas.

Hardy in USDA Zones 9-11, allow plenty of room when planting princess flower. If you’re already growing princess flower and find it is becoming overcrowded, pruning is appropriate. In fact, heavy pruning as part of the care of princess flower does not deter the abundant blooms of this plant.

Princess flower bushes that are not pruned usually develop a rounded form with age, but may take on a sprawling habit if pruned once and then not maintained. Multiple stems are thin and vine-like, making the princess flower bush a good candidate for a trellis. Velvety foliage is attractive, with three to five ribs in each large leaf and sometimes a red tint.

Planting Princess Flower Bush

When you’re planning to grow princess flower in your landscape, choose a spot where it will be appreciated for yearly evergreen foliage and an attractive, upright habit. Plant the princess flower bush in a full to partially sunny location.

The princess flower plant needs regular watering, particularly during hot spells in summer. In the hottest areas, this specimen prefers afternoon shade.

Those living in Zone 8 may grow the princess flower plant, but expect the shrub to die back if freezing temperatures occur in winter. The princess flower bush usually recovers the following season to produce more of the brilliantly colored purple blooms.

Princess flower bushes are easily multiplied from cuttings that can be overwintered in a greenhouse, or even indoors as a houseplant. In fact, don’t be surprised to see a few purple blooms on the princess flower plant indoors when it is happily located in a sunny window.

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