5 Viburnums With Showy White Flowers - Best Viburnums For Big White Blooms

Viburnums With Big Snowy White Flowers
(Image credit: Siglinde Fischer)

Viburnum is a beautiful flowering shrub for the home landscape. Each spring, viburnum flowers open to offer growers both curb appeal and an enchanting fragrance. Seasonal interest extends year-round with many varieties, as the production of ornamental berries and evergreen foliage is common. While viburnum flowers are available in a range of colors, many growers prefer viburnum with white flowers. Below we have listed some of the most common varieties of viburnum with white flowers.

  1. ‘Eskimo’ - Hardy in USDA zones 6 through 8, viburnum varieties such as ‘Eskimo’ are covered with pure white blooms each spring. This low-maintenance plant is commonly used as a hedge or in privacy plantings, as it can reach upwards of 5 feet (1.5 m.) at maturity. Autumn foliage of this viburnum is highly ornamental, ranging in color from yellow to an intense orange-red. 
  2. ‘Popcorn’ - One of the larger viburnum cultivars available, ‘Popcorn’ viburnum produces a profusion of large ball-shaped flower clusters. Often described as an early bloomer, this plant is able to withstand less than ideal growing conditions with ease. Each fall landscapers can expect the leaves to change from a deep green color to varying shades of red and purple. 
  3. ‘Raulston Hardy’ - This plant is among the smaller varieties of viburnum with white flowers available. Due to its small size, ‘Raulston Hardy’ is best planted in short flower borders or near foundations. Still, the plant has proven itself to be highly adaptable and able to thrive under a wide range of garden soil conditions. 
  4. ‘Roseum’ - ‘Roseum’ is a variety within Viburnum opulus. These viburnum cultivars are among the largest available, reaching up to 12 feet (4 m.) in height. ‘Roseum’ viburnum flowers are also among the most prominent and showy. Unlike other viburnum varieties, this plant’s flowers will not produce seeds after bloom.
  5. ‘Summer Snowflake’ - ‘Summer Snowflake’ differs from many other viburnums with white flowers in terms of bloom structure and shape. Each cluster of flowers open in a uniform flat shape, rather than the common rounded inflorescence. This viburnum grows as a deciduous shrub in most of its growing zone.
Tonya Barnett

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