Brunsfelsia Propagation – Learn How To Propagate Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Brunsfelsia Propagation – Learn How To Propagate Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

By: Teo Spengler
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The brunfelsia plant (Brunfelsia pauciflora) is also called the yesterday, today and tomorrow plant. It is a South American native that thrives in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 9 through 12. The bush grows blossoms that flower in summer in shades of purple, fade to lavender and finally turn white. The curious common name was given the plant because of the quick color change of blossoms.

Brunfelsia propagation can be done through tip cuttings taken from the current season’s growth or from seeds. For information how to propagate yesterday, today and tomorrow plants, read on.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Plant Propagation via Cuttings

If you want to know how to propagate yesterday, today and tomorrow plants, it is fairly easy to do this with Brunfelsia cuttings. Cut pieces from the stem tips about eight to 12 inches long. Take these cuttings in the late spring.

Once you have the Brunfelsia cuttings, use a pruner or garden scissors to cut off the lower leaves of each cutting. Use a sterilized knife to make small slits through the bark at the base of each one. Then dip the cut ends of the Brunfelsia cuttings in rooting hormone.

Prepare a pot for each cutting. Fill each with moistened potting soil with ample perlite or vermiculite added to be sure that the soil drains well. Obtain Brunfelsia propagation by inserting the base of each cutting into the potting soil in a pot. Keep the pots in a bright spot where they are protected from wind. Keep them out of hot sunlight, however. Irrigate the pots enough to keep the soil constantly moist.

In order to ensure yesterday, today and tomorrow plant propagation, place each pot in a clear plastic bag. Leave the end of the bag slightly open. This will increase your changes of brunfelsia propagation since the increased humidity encourages rooting. If you see new leaves appearing on a cutting, you will know that it has rooted.

Brunfelsia Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Seeds

The Brunfelsia yesterday, today and tomorrow seeds can also be planted to propagate the plant. The seeds grow either in seedheads or in pods. Allow the seedhead or pod to dry on the plant, then remove and sow.

Take care that pets or children do not eat the seeds, as they are poisonous.

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