Amazon Sword Aquatic Plants: How To Grow Amazon Sword In An Aquarium

Amazon Sword Aquatic Plant Growing in Fish Tank
Amazon sword
(Image credit: Juan Carlos Juarez Jaramillo)

Both fresh and saltwater aquarium enthusiasts know the value of introducing live plants into tank habitats. Creating an underwater garden, of sorts, can add distinguishing beauty to the aquascape. For many, however, the process of choosing which plants to add may feel overwhelming.

Learning more about specific characteristics of these plants can help tank owners make better informed purchases, as well as help them to create well designed and beautiful setting. Among the most popular plants for use in tanks is Amazon Sword (Echinodorus amazonicus).

This plant is an exceptional option for those looking to add vibrant greenery or those looking for a serious attention-grabber in their tanks. 

Amazon Sword Plant Facts

Before deciding to grow this plant, it’s important to learn about the needs of Amazon Sword in an aquarium. Coming in a wide range of sizes, you’ll want to select plants that are well-suited to their use – taller plants make excellent background fillers, for example. While some Amazon Sword aquatic plants have very broad leaves, others are more slender and narrow.

It is also important to note that many different varieties are sold under the same common name.

How to Grow Amazon Sword

Fortunately, for those growing it for the first time, learning how to grow Amazon aquatic plants is relatively simple. This makes them a viable option for even novice tank owners.

First, you will need to obtain the plants. Due to their popularity, it is likely that they can be found locally. However, those unable to do so can easily find the plants online. Always make certain to purchase healthy plants without any signs of damage, disease, or browned leaves.

When planting into the tank, arrange the plant to accommodate its full potential size. Amazon Sword aquatic plants will grow well whether fully or partially submerged in the water. However, there will be other key components necessary in order for the plants to truly thrive. This includes maintenance of proper pH, water temperature, and light levels.

Tank pH should range between 6.5 and 7.5, while temperatures should range between 72 and 82 degrees F. (22-28 C.). Amazon Sword plants will also require at least 10 hours of bright light each day.

Beyond placement in the tank, Amazon Sword plant care is relatively simple. After transplant into the aquarium substrate or gravel, growers may notice some yellowed leaves. These can be removed carefully from the base of the leaf stem.

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