Identify Common Weeds With White Flowers

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White clover flowers
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Invasive weeds can be a source of major frustration in both ornamental and vegetable gardens. While most species of weed can be easily controlled, some may spread quickly before growers have even had a chance to fully eradicate them. Learning more about specific types of weeds can help gardeners to better understand how to manage their growth within garden beds. In this article, we will detail the most common types of white flowering weeds.  

Common White Flower Weeds in Grass

  1. Bindweed – When it comes to plants with a white flower, weeds like bindweed may seem familiar. In fact, bindweed is sometimes referred to as common morning glory. Much like traditional morning glories, this perennial weed sprawls across the ground to twist and choke out native species. Bindweed, with small white flowers, produces exceptionally deep roots that are very difficult to remove from the soil.  
  2. Common Boneset – Common boneset is yet another perennial weed with white flowers. Boneset is able to thrive under a wide range of growing conditions, including soils which remain relatively wet. White flowers are produced in large clusters in late summer and continue to bloom into early fall. 
  3. FleabaneFleabane weeds produce clusters of white daisy-shaped flowers. Each bloom produces a yellow disk, which is surrounded by several threadlike petals. Deeply rooted plants are highly attractive to various species of bees, moths, and butterflies. After bloom, fleabane plants produce lightweight seeds that are then scattered by the wind. 
  4. Queen Anne’s Lace – White Queen Anne’s lace flowers are usually found growing in lawns, along roadsides, ditches, and in other areas which have been recently disturbed. Plants produce large, white umbels which some consider to be ornamental. It should also be noted that this weed is very similar in appearance to several other species of toxic plants. 
  1. White CloverWhite clover are among the most common weeds found in lawns. Plants are most easily identified by the distinctive shape of their leaves and by the small white blooms. White clover flowers are especially popular with bees and other pollinators in early spring, as they are often among the first flowers to begin blooming. Unlike other weeds, white clover is sometimes used to fix nitrogen in soils or may even be used in erosion control. 
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