Hawaii Planting Zones - USDA Map Of Hawaii Growing Zones

USDA Planting Zone Map for Hawaii

(Image credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture)

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Understanding More About Hawaii Plant Growing Zones

This is the map of the USDA planting zones for Hawaii. It can help you learn how the temperatures in your area will affect the plants you grow in your garden and what plants you should be choosing for your garden. This is one of the warmest areas on the USDA plant hardiness zone map. Finding your planting zone for Hawaii is easy. Match where you live on the Hawaii USDA map to the legend on the right. The color will indicate what planting zone you live in.

This Hawaii USDA plant hardiness zone map is based on the 2023 version of the USDA plant hardiness map for the United States. The plant hardiness zones were redrawn in 2023 to better account for the change in weather and temperature patterns that have happened over the last few decades. You may find that your zone is higher than you had previously thought. The reason you should know your planting zone for Hawaii if you are a gardener is because it will help you to make better choices for the plants in your garden. Using plants that are appropriate for your zone in your garden will result in a garden that looks beautiful year after year.

In Hawaii, since the zones are so high, you can technically grow almost any plant, but be aware that some of the plants in lower zones may need a period of cold in order to be healthy. Your local plant nursery will have plants that are appropriate for your zone and those plants will be clearly marked for which zone they belong to.