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Pennsylvania Zones – Understanding Plant Hardiness

One of the first things that any new gardener should do is find where he or she lives on the Pennsylvania USDA plant hardiness map. Click on the map above to enlarge it and find your plant hardiness zone.

Plant hardiness, as defined by the USDA, refers to the hardiness of a particular species to tolerate average extreme winter low temperatures. Winter temperature data for the 2012 map was collected from thousands of weather stations all over the country over a period of thirty years. This data, as well as other factors, such as elevation and proximity to a large body of water, were used to set plant hardiness zones for all areas of the country.

Pennsylvania zones include 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a and a very small section of 7b. If you have a difficult time finding your location on the above map, you can visit the USDA site where you can input your zip code to find out exactly which zone you are in.

The Pennsylvania plant map serves as an extremely useful tool and is a good starting point when choosing plants. Many local nurseries will carry plants that are suitable for your particular growing region. Always follow planting and care instructions carefully to ensure the best results.

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