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Utah USDA Plant Hardiness Map

Gardening in Utah is much easier when gardeners implement species of plants that are compatible with the plant hardiness zone in which they live. The map above is the latest version of the Utah plant map, which was released in early 2012.

Since 1960, the USDA has been gathering data and providing gardeners and plant enthusiasts all over the country with valuable information pertaining to plant hardiness. The most recent version of the map, based on thirty years of weather data, is more sophisticated than any prior version. Some of the country has seen a rise in their zones due to a winter warming trend that some people attribute to global warming.

Utah zones include a frosty 4a in the north to a balmy 9a in the southwest. Extreme winter temperatures range from -30 to 20 degrees F. (-34 to -7 C.). With this much variance in one state, gardeners do well to know which zone they live in. The map above can be enlarged by clicking it, which will help you determine your zone.

When you purchase flowers, shrubs, and trees according to the Utah planting map, you are not guaranteed that they will survive, as there are other factors that come into play. However, it is a great place to start when searching for new plants for your garden and landscape.

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