Gardening Know How Community Gardening Grant Program

Every year, 20 deserving school or community garden programs throughout North America are awarded a grant to help continue their efforts in their community.

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Does Your School or Community Garden Need a Boost?

Are you passionate about gardening within your community but not sure how to get the money or the publicity to keep it going, or even to get it started?

Well, all of us here at Gardening Know How are grateful for your efforts and would like to help!

Every year, Gardening Know How awards a $1,000 grant to 20 different, hand-picked garden projects across the United States and Canada. Click any of the images below to learn more about some of our recent recipients.

Meet More Former Grant Recipients

Since 2016, community gardening grants have been awarded to garden programs in more than 30 U.S. states and 3 Canadian provinces, stretching from Hawaii to Nova Scotia. To read more about our recipients, we invite you to look through our archive of recipient profiles or sign up for our free, Community Gardening for Everyone interview series.

If your community or school garden has a growing, unmet need for more soil, seeds, fertilizers, building materials, or even just help getting the word out about your program, we’re ready and willing to help you meet those needs.

As community gardens and school gardening programs spring up all over, we’re happy to do our part to help. Gardening Know How, along with the generous sponsors of the Gardening Know How websites, have created this program to encourage and support garden projects just like yours.

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The application period for our 2023 sponsorships closes at midnight on December 31st.