Broken Small Planter On The Windowsill
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Many gardeners have a favorite planting container and it is a huge loss when it cracks or breaks. There are many ways to fix broken planter containers, but you can also repurpose broken planter pots and use them in unique ways. Depending how damaged your broken flower pot may be, you have a couple of creative options to save at least part of the container. 

Accidents happen. If your prized flower or plant container has been smashed or cracked, there are ways to resuscitate it. Keep reading for ideas on how to repair a broken container, or use the shards in creative projects. 

Broken Planter Ideas

Methods to fix broken planters vary and are subject to the amount of damage the container has sustained. For a severely smashed broken flower pot, you might not be able to put it back together, but you can use the pieces for fun crafts. Repurpose broken planter shards in paver stones or mosaics. Try creating an in-ground container, use small chunks as mulch around plants. You might even label bits and use them as plant ID tags. Really, the uses for parts of a broken planter are boundless, limited only by a gardener's imagination. 

Even partially intact edge pieces can be used to make a tiered garden or as edging, similar to a rock garden, nesting the larger pieces. This works well with low maintenance plants like hens and chicks or other succulents. Another alternative is to view the cracked container as an art installation. Tuck moss and garden art inside, or make a mini fairy display. 

How to Repair a Broken Container

If the container isn't too far gone, you can set about fixing it. Rather than repurpose broken planter pieces, put the whole affair back together for a Frankenstein-ish DIY look. 

Remove the soil and plants and clean the pieces. A clay container can be reunited using pre-moistened mortar. Wrap the container after rejoining the pieces to hold them tightly together as the mixture cures. A concrete planter is fixed using a concrete fix sealant, silicone caulk, or the mortar. In either case, make sure the edges you are joining are clean and as smooth as possible. Once the planter has cured, seal it with paint or glaze to keep moisture from leeching through the cracks.

Rejuvenating Cracked Planters

If you just have a crack on your hands, there is an easy fix. Use joint compound to fill the area and seal it. Clean the area and sand off any rough edges. Clean again with a brush. Fill in the crack with the joint compound and let it cure for a day. Then use fine grit sandpaper and smooth off extra compound for a nice finished surface. Spray paint the exterior for a final seal. 

Rotting terra cotta will also benefit from similar treatment. Sand away loose layers lightly, and brush off any crumbs. Treat deep damage with joint compound, let dry, sand, and spray paint. 

Even a plastic pot can be rescued. Use heavy duty tape like Gorilla tape to mend the area. Then cover it with a layer of spray paint. The containers will look like new and will last for many years.

Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.