How Art Fits Into Gardens: Learn About Adding Art In The Garden

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There are many ways to add your personality to the landscape. Planting choices and design are the obvious method, but garden art can really accentuate your plan. Using works of art in gardens provides a foil for the organic arrangements. Art in the garden puts emphasis on the differences between nature and composition, but it also somehow marries the two aspects. Consider how art fits into gardens as you make your creative choices.

How Art Fits into Gardens

Art has the ability to draw the eye. It can be cleverly designed to blend in with its surroundings and bring out the background. This versatility means garden art is the perfect way to jazz up your landscape. Placing works of art in gardens highlights the beauty of surrounding plants and flowers. The definition of "art" is up to you.

Whether painting, sculpture, funky furniture, mirrors, or even repurposed household items, art is meant to lead the eye. Its placement in the garden will draw visitors along the path to adventure, peace, or whatever feeling you want your natural space to convey.

You don't have to have a lot of skill to create garden art. Even simple children's projects, such as decorated cement stepping stones, add whimsy and charm to the landscape. Art in the garden can set the tone and theme. If may also serve a purpose, as in the case of a decorative gate.

Another reason to add art to the garden is to add color and form, especially in instances where the whole planting scheme is a stark, identical green.

How to Use Art in the Garden

Garden schemes reflect the gardener and denizens of the home.

  • Making a fanciful garden, when young children are present, enhances their dreams and play. A fairy garden is a perfect place to fulfill dreams and fantasies. Harry Potter garden objects, or another favorite character, sprinkled amongst the daisies and daylilies, is a creative nod to beloved story lines.
  • For the adults in the family, a hobby might be reflected. A simple Zen garden is enhanced with Asian inspired statues such as a pagoda.

Art in the garden is deeply personal and should suit your tastes.

Garden Art Inspiration

You can purchase art for the garden in many ways. Online, garden centers, statuary shops, and garden shows abound with such examples. But simple, homemade art also stands center stage. Some easy examples the whole family can create might be:

  • Bottle art - Stage unique and colorful bottles and install them on stakes, or use as edging.
  • Paving stones - Embed colorful stones, marbles, shells. Use colored cement. Have children draw in the cement before it hardens, or place little hands in the stuff to memorialize childhood.
  • Paint the fence - Everyone can join in on this. Either go freeform or stencil out the design prior to painting. Transforms an old fence and brightens dark garden spaces.
  • Create a mosaic - Use different materials like bricks, stones, pavers, various types and colors of gravel or sand.
  • Make fake flowers - Painted hubcaps and other items affixed to metal stakes take on the tones of your favorite blooms.
  • Rock art - Send the kids out to collect neat rocks and paint them. Each could resemble a bug or just add a pop of color.
  • Plant in unusual items - A discarded tea pot, old watering can, tool box, even a toilet. When painted and planted, they are unusual and whimsical art installations.
Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.