Hanging Shade Flowers: Shade Tolerant Flowers For Hanging Baskets

Flowers In A Hanging Basket
shade basket
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Hanging baskets are an extremely popular addition to porches, patios, and garden hooks. Overflowing with blooms, hanging baskets easily add color and a sense of abundance to growing spaces. Even those with limited space can incorporate baskets into the design of their outdoor living space. Baskets also offer a versatile option for growing in areas that may be less than ideal for other plants – like shade. Fortunately, choosing shade tolerant flowers for hanging baskets is quite simple.

Growing Shade Flowers in Hanging Baskets

Before selecting hanging shade flowers, you’ll first need to ensure that proper growing conditions for each plant will be met. This means that baskets should be filled with well-draining potting soil or a soil blend specific to the particular flower type. Additionally, all plant hooks and hanging equipment should be strong and properly secured.

When choosing shade tolerant flowers for hanging baskets, you will also need to determine how much shade the planting area actually receives. While some hanging basket flowers for shade will do best in full shade, others may need some sunlight in order to bloom well. Maintaining this balance is important.

Next, begin planting shade flowers in hanging baskets according to the desired visual design. In most cases, baskets are planted with a “thriller, filler,” and spiller” effect. These terms refer to the overall shape and appearance of each plant selected. Thriller plants draw the most attention. Filler plants help fill in the gaps and empty space in the container, and spiller plants refer to plants that cascade or hang from the basket.

Shade flowers for hanging baskets will need frequent watering, though not as much as plants grown in sun. Hanging baskets dry more quickly than other containers, and this is especially true for those located under mature trees or porch overhangs. Establishing a routine of irrigation and feeding will be key in keeping hanging baskets looking beautiful all growing season long.

Tonya Barnett

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