Greenhouse Relocation: Can You Move A Greenhouse Somewhere Else

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A fairly common scenario amongst greenhouse owners is growing trees that eventually cast too much shade. In this case, you might wonder, “Can you move a greenhouse?”. Moving a greenhouse is no easy feat, but greenhouse relocation is possible. How to relocate a greenhouse, on the other hand, might be the better question. There are several things to consider before relocating a greenhouse.

Can You Move a Greenhouse?

Since the greenhouse was obviously put in place, it stands to reason that it can be moved. The question is how? Greenhouses that are fiberglass or plastic are lightweight and fairly easy to manhandle. Those with glass, however, can be very heavy and require a bit of forethought before relocating.

The first thing to consider, as simple as it sounds, is where you want to move the greenhouse. A new site will likely take some preparation, so don’t start dismantling anything until the new site has been prepped.

Choosing a new site is of top importance. You want a site with plenty of light but not scorching hot sun all day. Avoid areas with tree overhangs. Clear the new site of anything that is currently growing and level the ground.

How to Relocate a Greenhouse

If you have ever tried to put something together without a good representation as to how it is built, then you know that rebuilding the moved greenhouse will become a cursed venture. Carefully label or otherwise mark pieces as they are being dismantled to make the process easier. You can mark pieces with tape or spray paint. A written legend is helpful wherein each colored piece will be allocated to a certain area of the greenhouse.

Another useful tool is a camera. Photograph the greenhouse from all angles. This will help you to put it back together correctly. Wear gloves when you are dismantling the structure. The glass may be mossy or slimy and other areas may be sharp. An assistant is a great idea. Someone you can hand pieces off to and who can label them.

Start at the top. Remove the glass and put the clips in a bucket or other safe place. Continue in the same manner, removing the glass from the sides of the greenhouse. Remove all the glass before attempting to move the structure; if you don’t, it may bend. Remove the doors. Be sure to cushion the pieces of glass and move them safely away from your work area.

Amy Grant

Amy Grant has been gardening for 30 years and writing for 15. A professional chef and caterer, Amy's area of expertise is culinary gardening.