Annuals And Perennials For Shade That Bloom All Summer

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Planning a flower garden in shaded beds can be difficult. Even more experienced growers may initially struggle to find plants which are able to produce blooms under these conditions. Fortunately for ornamental growers, there are many summer flowering plants for shade available. In fact, many summer shade flowers offer both brilliant color and interesting foliage. Below we will discuss some of our favorite shade flowers that bloom all summer long. 

Summer Shade Flowers

  1. Astilbe - Each season astilbe plants produce large colorful plumes in shades of white, pink, and deep red. Each plume consists of thousands of smaller florets, which open over the course of several days or weeks. Though the bloom time for each plant is quite long, gardeners will still need to consider planting several different varieties in order to produce flowers throughout the entire summer. Plants generally require at least four hours of sunlight each day for the best production of flowers. 
  2. Begonia - Both annual begonias and types believed to be summer flowering perennials for shade are popular among home gardeners. While low-growing annual begonias are known for their waxy appearance, other species produce even larger flowers, with more interesting growth habits. Both annual and hardy perennial begonia will tolerate varying amounts of shade, depending upon species, though most prefer and thrive under dappled light conditions. 
  3. Daylilies - Daylilies are among the most popular perennial plants found in home landscapes. Daylilies are ideal in foundation plantings and near sidewalks. Though individual daylily blooms fade quickly, plants will consistently produce new stems throughout the entire summer. They are also highly adaptable to varying light conditions. Most growers suggest that daylilies receive at least four hours of sun each day, as less may result in the production of less flowers. 
  4. Impatiens - Impatiens are very common annuals for shade that bloom all summer long. Due to their size, these plants are ideal for use as a short bedding species in borders. They also grow well in shaded pots, containers, and hanging baskets. Though they do grow well in shaded locations, growers should monitor impatiens for other issues, like downy mildew which will ultimately lead to a loss of vigor and decreased bloom. 
  5. Salvia - Certain shade loving species of salvia may also be a good choice for the home landscape. These species may behave as perennials or be grown as an annual, depending upon the growing zone. Most shade tolerant salvias bloom to produce flowers in vibrant hues of red, purple, and blue. 
Tonya Barnett

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