Shade-Loving Plants for Sunlight-Deficient Spots

A shady area on your property is an opportunity to grow an oasis of shade-loving plants.

Shaded Plant Garden
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Gardening In Shade - Beautiful Shade Loving Plants

Flowering Shade Loving Plants

Wondering what to do with a less-than-sunny spot in your yard? Turn it into a soothing refuge where you can enjoy some special, quiet moments.

Consider some of these plants that will bloom beautifully in dappled sunlight, and don't be afraid to experiment with different varieties.

Give your cool oasis a pop of color with some annuals that will brighten an otherwise darkened spot.

And, don't forget to add some gorgeous perennials to the mix. These will return year after year and will happily grow in their shady new home.

If you combine annuals and perennials in your oasis, you can enjoy color from spring through fall. Lie back in your hammock on a warm day and enjoy the haven you've created.

Shade Loving Foliage

If you like the feel of a woodland garden, try some foliage plants that love partial to full shade. It's easy to create a magical space with lots of woodland plants - the more the better.

If your growing zone is a warm one, you're lucky. Many tropical plants that most of us need to grow indoors will thrive in a shady warm spot, and some need only a little dappled sunlight. Turn your shady area into a tropical rainforest environment and luxuriate in a peaceful jungle-like oasis.

Shade Loving Shrubs

If you want bigger plantings to cozy up your shady space, try planting some of these shrubs and trees that only need a bit of sunlight to make them happy.

Talk to the Experts

Contacting your local extension agency is a great way to learn what grows best in the shady areas in your region. It's also fun to learn from a local garden center about which plants will thrive in your shady spot.

We suggest viewing that shaded part of your property as a gift and an opportunity to create an amazing shade garden that you'll enjoy for years to come.

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