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If you are planning to garden against a south-facing wall in a warm climate, be sure to choose plants that will tolerate the extra heat generated in that location. Brick or masonry walls, especially, can churn out the heat. Soils will dry out quickly, so it’s important to keep the plants watered and mulched well. 

Here are plants for a south-facing wall that can withstand summer’s heat. 

Heat Tolerant Plants for South-Facing Wall

Plants for hot walls need to be tough, drought tolerant plants that can withstand full sun. Succulents, such as agave, aloe, yucca, bromeliad, and cactus, are some of the best plants for hot locations in the landscape. They love full sun and hardly need any water. They do require well-draining soil, however. 

There are many benefits to planting a green wall (where plants are growing on a vertical structure). For example, vines along an exterior wall can cool the wall, reducing indoor cooling costs. Additional benefits of a green wall include:

  • It covers an unattractive wall space
  • Creates a layer of insultation on building sides
  • Reduces traffic and noise pollution
  • Creates additional wildlife habitat

Other plants besides vines can be used for a green wall. Freestanding structures with modular units can accommodate several plants. 

Whether you are planting shrubs, vines, annuals or perennials, the following plants should perform well. 

Shrubs for south-facing wall:

Perennials for south-facing wall:

Annuals for south-facing wall:

Heat tolerant climbing vines:

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