Landscaping With Neighbors: Planting A Friendly Neighbor Perennial Garden

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Does your neighborhood look a bit humdrum? Does it lack color and vibrancy? Or perhaps there are areas that need updating, like near the entrance to the neighborhood? Planting a perennial garden for neighbors near the entrance is one way to make the neighborhood more welcoming. 

Planting a Friendly Neighbor Perennial Garden

Another way to rejuvenate the looks of your city block or suburban housing development involves landscaping with neighbors. With this type of project, you can plant perennials in the neighborhood to not only add sparkle but also create a sense of unity. In a day and age when neighbors rarely know each other, this type of project can bring neighbors together.

Engaging in a community-wide “perennial garden for neighbors” project, can also improve property values and attract homebuyers to the area. Here are a few examples that illustrate why planting perennials in the neighborhood is beneficial:

  • Updated landscaping improves the market value of residential properties – as much as 12%.
  • Weed-free, mulched, perennial flowerbeds project the image of a well-cared for community. Potential home buyers want assurance their investment won't be in an area where house values are declining.
  • Widespread use of flowering perennials in the neighborhood reflects a safe and prosperous community. It shows residents are comfortable outside their houses. Plus, it indicates they have an income level that provides the spare time to work in the garden or the means to hire help.
  • Blooming perennials breathe life into the neighborhood. They not only brighten up the area with vibrant color, they also attract beneficial pollinators and colorful birds.
  • Perennial flowers are less expensive and time consuming than planting annuals. They return each year, only require periodic weeding and mulching, and once established many species are drought resistant.

Additionally, coordinating a neighborhood perennial garden can help define the borders of a sub-division. It can create a uniform appearance for condominiums, duplexes, triplexes, and townhouses. Perennial gardens also reflect a sense of community pride in neighborhood parks or recreation areas.

Choosing Plants for Landscaping with Neighbors

Whether you're choosing flowering plants for the neighborhood entrance or establishing perennial beds throughout the community, selecting the right plants for the available growing conditions promotes successful and long-lasting results. Consider these plants for your specific needs:

Sun-Loving Plants

Shade-Loving Plants

Blooming Perennial Shrubs

Finally, when creating a friendly neighbor perennial garden, try incorporating the following ideas for additional benefits:

  • Benches – gives neighbors a place to sit and chat or observe wildlife.
  • Bird baths – attracts a wider array of bird species.
  • Fencing – discourages foot traffic in unwanted areas.
  • Rocks – lends a natural feel to flowerbeds and provides shelter for beneficial wildlife.
  • Statues – reflects community or homeowner values.
  • Water features – provides white noise and has a calming effect.

Lastly, before starting a neighborhood perennial garden, it's wise to contact your homeowner's association or community planning commission for permission, rules, and possible financial assistance.

Laura Miller

Laura Miller has been gardening all her life. Holding a degree in Biology, Nutrition, and Agriculture, Laura's area of expertise is vegetables, herbs, and all things edible. She lives in Ohio.