a row of four houseplants
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Most of us are familiar with the fabulous powers of a four-leaf clover to bring luck, but what other plants have such significance?We can all do with more luck, whether it's in love, money or health. Growing these fortune making plants will not only provide blessings but add beauty tot he home and landscape. So, if you're looking for some flora that will attract prosperity and good fortune to your family, here are the top 7 plants to encourage good luck.

1. Lucky Bamboo - This is a classic lucky plant that is often gifted. It is easy to grow and will even thrive in an office building and spaces with limited light. Lucky bamboo is not a true bamboo or even a grass. It is a Dracaena and the more stems the plant has, the more attracting power it brings.

2. Jade Plant - Another easy to grow specimen, jade plants are traditionally thought to bring wealth and attract business. When placed at the entry to the home, expect good fortune to all who'd well there. The succulent has slightly chubby, rounded leaves and an attractive tree-like form when older. In Feng Shui, rounded leaves bring good luck.

3. Money Plant - As the name suggests, the money plant is thought to bring happiness, prosperity and financial good luck. A common houseplant, it is also a popular gift, often bestowed at graduation to give young people a good start at life and business. Glossy heart-shaped leaves may feature gentle variegation and larger specimens boast braided stems.

4. Peace Lily - If you are looking for a flowering plant that is low maintenance, peace lilies are a good fit. The name stems from the white spathe that unfurls above the foliage, representing a white flag of surrender. Expect a sense of calm and well-being when this plant graces your home.

5. Orchids - Outside of their outstanding good looks, orchids are more than pretty flowers. They are said to enhance romance and can help attract a new love or boost a current relationship. There are many varieties from which to choose and their beauty also brings peace to the heart and the home.

6. Hawaiian Ti Plant - Polynesians believed the ti plant had mystical powers and warded off evil. It is a tropical foliage plant that comes in many colors, including the most amazing fuchsia hue. Some even have striking blended colors on the leaves.

7. Basil - In India, the basil plant is considered holy and attracts love, beauty, wealth and more.Even better, a pot of basil on the kitchen window sill will attract culinary inspiration. Basil is delicious in many regional cuisines including Italian, Indian, Thai, etc.

Surrounding oneself with plants of any sort can help cleanse the air, emit relaxing scent and simply pretty up the area. Almost any plant has the ability to enhance our lives, making us feel better. That's a lucky practice that will bring good fortune.

Bonnie Grant