Information About Bromeliads

Bromeliad plants provide an exotic touch to the home or warm season landscape. Growing bromeliads is simple and their unique growth habit will continue to add year-round interest. There are numerous types of bromeliad plants available to choose from, so finding one to fit your needs shouldn’t be that hard. Using the info that follows can help with that as well as any bromeliad care issues.

Growing A Bromeliad And How To Care For A Bromeliad Plant

Bromeliad plants provide an exotic touch to the home and bring a sense of the tropics and sun-kissed climates. Growing a bromeliad as a houseplant is easy and this article will help.

Reblooming A Bromeliad: Getting Bromeliads To Bloom

Bromeliads are commonly grown as houseplants. They usually come in bloom will only flower once. Getting bromeliads to bloom again isn’t possible but the plant produces a next generation of bloomers that will. Learn more here.

Growing Sky Plant: Learn About The Care Of Tillandsia Sky Plant

Tillandsias offer unique form, ease of care and just a fun way to bring the outdoors in to your home. Read this article to learn how to grow a Tillandsia sky plant for your home. Click here for more info.

Guzmania Houseplant Care – Tips For Growing Guzmania Bromeliads

Nothing beats the ease of bromeliad guzmania houseplant care. Growing guzmania bromeliads is simple and their unique appearance will add interest to the home year round. Learn more here.

Care Of Vriesea Plants: How To Grow Flaming Sword Plants Indoors

The flaming sword houseplant is one of the most common bromeliads used for indoor decoration, and one of the showiest too. Learn how to grow this interesting plant in the following article.

Growing Variegated Pineapples: How To Care For Variegated Pineapple Plant

The variegated pineapple plant is grown for its foliage, not for its fruit. The plants make lovely and interesting houseplants, or warm season potted outdoor plants. Learn more about them in this article.

Urn Plant Care: How To Grow Urn Plant Houseplants

The urn plant is a commonly grown bromeliad. In its natural habitat, it lives on the branches of trees. In the home, however, it can be grown in a pot or out in the garden in suitable climes. Read more here.

Watering Bromeliads: How To Water A Bromeliad

When you have a bromeliad to care for, you might be wondering how to water it. Watering bromeliads is no different than any other houseplant care, with exception to having its own water tank. Learn more here.