Information About Lantana

How To Grow Lantana – Information On Growing Lantana

Grow lantana flowers in the garden or in containers. Lantanas also make a great choice for those wishing to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden. Read this article for tips on growing lantanas.

Deadheading Lantana Plants: Removing Spent Blooms On Lantana

Lantanas ought to bloom as long as it’s warm out. That being said, you can take steps to encourage even more flowers. Learn more about when and how to deadhead lantana flowers in this article. Click here for additional information.

Lantana Plant Wilting: What To Do If A Lantana Bush Is Dying

If your lantana bush is dying, it is important to check the soil and get a good look at the plant to rule out any insect or disease issues. Find out how to pinpoint possible problems in your lantanas in this article.

Varieties Of Lantana: Learn About Lantana Plants For The Garden

Lantanas are perfect examples of lively colored blooms that persist all season long. Over 150 species make up the family and there are many more types of lantana from which to choose due to heavy hybridization. Learn more in this article.

No Flowers On Lantana Plants: Reasons Why A Lantana Won’t Bloom

Lantanas are amazingly reliable and beautiful members of the landscape, but sometimes they just won’t bloom. Find out the common causes of lantana bloom failure in this article so you can enjoy these plants all season long.

How To Propagate Lantana: Learn How To Grow Lantana From Cuttings And Seeds

Lantanas come into bloom in summer with large, neatly-shaped clusters of flowers in a wide range of colors. Propagating lantana plants in easy, and the information in this article can help get you started.

Pruning Lantanas – How To Prune Lantana Plants

How and when to prune lantana bushes is often a highly debated topic. One thing that is agreed upon is the fact that depending on the type of lantana, these plants can get quite large. Find pruning info here.