Reasons Why A Lilac Bush Is Not Blooming And How To Fix Them

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By Kathleen Mierzejewski

The lilac blooming season isn’t all that long. They bloom for a short time and then the flowers fall off. However, the scent of the flowers during the lilac blooming season is just phenomenal. Lilacs are very fragrant and having one or two in your yard in the spring and summer can make your house smell fresh throughout the season. This is why when they don’t bloom, we wonder “why won’t my lilac bush bloom?”

Why is My Lilac Not Blooming?

If you have a lilac bush that doesn’t seem to produce flowers the way you’d like, you are probably asking yourself, “Why won’t my lilac bush bloom?” There are many different reasons for there to be a lack of lilac flowering.

Late freeze – Sometimes a late freeze can knock the flowers or the start of the flowers right off the bush. If your lilac bush is not blooming, you might want to think back about whether or not there was a late freeze. If this is why your lilac bush is not blooming, your bush is fine. Next year, you should have a ton of blooms.

Light – Another reason for your lilac blooming season to be lacking some flowers could be that the plant is not getting enough sunshine, which is what helps the plant produce flowers in the first place. What you might need to do is thin the area around the bush to make sure sunlight is getting through other foliage. You might also have to remove the oldest and thickest branches at the base of the bush to allow sunlight to penetrate the bush itself.

Pests – There are some pests that can prevent lilac flowering as well. These include scale insects, like the oyster shell scale, and borers, which cause damage within the stems of the bush. You can see scale insects pretty easily on the leaves of the bush. If you see them, you will need to treat your bush so that it will do well the next lilac blooming season. If you see borer damage, you can alleviate this by doing your renewal pruning. This way new growth will come back without the damage from the borers and your lilac flowering will resume the very next season.

Fertilizer – Finally, your soil may be at fault. The soil may be lacking phosphorus, which is responsible for flowering in plants. Adding bone meal is a great way to fix soil that is lacking phosphorus. A soil test will confirm whether or not this is the cause for a lack of lilac flowering.

So as you can see, there are a lot of reasons for your lilac to stop blooming. All of these reasons, however, can be fixed pretty easily. Just study the tree and figure out the reason for no flowers, and you should be able to fix the issue in no time.

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