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Whether new to gardening or an old pro, growing cherry trees in the landscape can be a fun experience, especially when you’re armed with plenty of cherry tree info. The following articles can help with that. Here you will find everything from how to grow and care for cherry trees to pruning cherries and managing cherry tree problems.

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Blackgold Cherry Trees – How To Grow Blackgold Cherries In The Garden

By Mary Ellen Ellis

If you’re looking to grow a sweet cherry, Blackgold is a variety you should consider. Blackgold is less susceptible to spring frost damage, resists many diseases, is self-fertile and produces delicious, rich cherries, perfect for fresh eating. Learn more here.

Vandalay Cherry Tree Info – Learn How To Grow Vandalay Cherries

By Teo Spengler

The Vandalay cherry variety is a beautiful and delicious type of sweet cherry. The fruit is dark red and very sweet. If you are interested in this cherry variety, click here for tips on how to grow Vandalay cherries and information on Vandalay cherry care.

Sweetheart Cherry Info: Can You Grow Sweetheart Cherries At Home

Can you grow sweet cherries? You sure can, as long as you live in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 7. In fact, Sweetheart cherries are among the easiest cherries to grow in the home garden. Want to learn how to grow sweetheart cherries? Click here!

Rainier Sweet Cherry Info – How To Grow Rainier Cherries

By Teo Spengler

Given the reputation of the Rainier sweet cherry as the most delicious yellow cherry in the world, you might thing that this cherry tree would be difficult to grow. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is relatively easy. Click here for tips on how to grow Rainier cherries.

Cristalina Cherry Care – Tips For Growing Cristalina Cherries

By Amy Grant

Cristalina cherry trees bare a dark red, glossy heart-shaped cherry that goes by the name ‘Sumnue’ in the European Union. It is a hybrid of Van and Star cherries. Interested in growing Cristalina cherries? Learn how in this article.

Homegrown Bing Cherry Trees – How To Care For A Bing Cherry Tree

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

There are two main types of cherries in commercial production – sweet and sour. Bing is one of the most popular in the sweet group. If you have or are going to acquire one of these tasty fruit trees, click this article for tips on Bing cherry care.

Santina Cherry Tree Care – Growing Santina Cherries At Home

Santina cherry trees display a spreading, slightly drooping nature that makes them especially attractive in the garden. These cherry trees are valued not only for their flavor, but for their high productivity, crack resistance and long harvest window. Learn more here.

Montmorency Cherry Info: How To Grow Montmorency Tart Cherries

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Montmorency tart cherries are classics. This variety is used to make dried cherries and is perfect for pies and jams. Dark, sweet cherries are great for fresh eating, but if you want to bake and preserve, you need something a little tart. Click here for more info.

Stella Cherry Information: What Is A Stella Sweet Cherry

By Teo Spengler

Cherries rule in summer, and it’s hard to find any that are sweeter or present more beautifully than those growing on Stella cherry trees. If you’d like more Stella cherry information about this great fruit tree and how to grow it, click this article.

Cherry ‘Sunburst’ Info – How To Grow A Sunburst Cherry Tree

By Amy Grant

Cherry ‘Sunburst’ matures in mid-season with large, sweet, dark-red to black fruit that resists splitting better than many other cultivars. Interested in growing Sunburst cherry trees? The following article contains information on how to grow a Sunburst cherry.

Van Cherry Care Info: Learn About Growing Van Cherries

Van cherries are attractive, cold-hardy trees with shiny foliage and clusters of white, springtime blooms followed by delicious, reddish-black cherries in midsummer. Interested in growing Van cherries? It isn’t difficult. Click here for more information.

Ulster Cherry Info – Learn About The Care Of Ulster Cherries

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Few things beat the sugary, rich taste of a dark, sweet cherry. Caring for and maintaining a cherry tree is not too difficult, and you can even get most varieties in dwarf form. Growing Ulster cherries is a great option if you want sweet fruits. Lean more here.

Growing Chelan Cherries: Learn About Chelan Cherry Tree Care

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

What are Chelan cherries? They are the earliest cherry out of Washington, produce less double fruit and resist cracking. For more Chelan cherry tree info, including how to grow these delicious fruits, click on the following article.

Tulare Cherry Info: How To Grow Tulare Cherries

A cousin to the popular Bing cherry, growing Tulare cherries isn’t difficult for gardeners in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 8, as Tulare cherry trees won’t tolerate extreme heat or punishing cold. Click here for more Tulare cherry information.

What Are Romeo Cherries: Growing A Romeo Cherry Tree

By Mary Ellen Ellis

If you’re looking for a tasty cherry that is very hardy and grows in a shrub form, look no further than the Romeo cherry tree. More of a shrub than a tree, this dwarf variety produces fruit and spring flowers abundantly. Click here to get additional information.

Whitegold Cherry Info – How To Grow Whitegold Cherries

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

The sweet taste of cherries is only rivaled by their predecessors, white scented blooms covering the tree in spring. The Whitegold cherry tree produces one of the prettiest of these early season flower displays. Learn more about the fruit tree in this article.

What Are Regina Cherries – How To Grow Regina Cherry Trees

The sweetness of Regina cherries is compounded if the fruit is harvested when the cherries are a fully ripe shade of deep purple. Growing Regina cherries is suitable for growing in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 7. Click here to learn how to grow Regina cherry trees.

Coral Champagne Cherries – How To Grow Coral Champagne Cherry Trees

By Teo Spengler

With a name like Coral Champagne cherries, the fruit already has a leg up in crowd appeal. If you are ready for a new cherry tree in your orchard, you’ll be interested in additional Coral Champagne cherry information. Click here for tips on how to grow these trees.

Cherry Water Needs: Learn How To Water A Cherry Tree

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Cherry trees can be very particular about their watering needs; too much or too little water can have drastic effects on the tree. Learn how to water a cherry tree in this article. Click here for additional cherry tree watering information.

Cherry ‘Morello’ Variety: What Are English Morello Cherries

By Teo Spengler

Morello cherries are sour cherries, ideal for cooking, jams and even making liquors. Click on the following article for more information about English Morello sour cherries, including tips on growing these cherry trees.

What Are Emperor Francis Cherries: Growing An Emperor Francis Cherry Tree

What are Emperor Francis cherries? These juicy, super sweet cherries are plump and delicious, perfect eaten fresh or for making homemade maraschinos or luscious jams and jellies. Click here for more information on growing Emperor Francis cherries.

Yellow Cherry Varieties: Growing Cherries That Are Yellow

By Shelley Pierce

Did you know that there is orange cauliflower, purple carrots, yellow raspberries, blue corn and yellow cherries? I did not know that there were cherries that are yellow, and now I want to know more about yellow cherry varieties. You can, too, in this article.

Attika Cherry Care: How To Grow An Attika Cherry Tree

By Mary Ellen Ellis

If you’re looking for a new, dark sweet cherry to grow in your backyard orchard, look no further than kordia cherries, also known as Attika. Care for these trees is much like other cherries and is not difficult for most home gardeners. Click here for more information.

Cherry Cold Requirements: How Many Chill Hours For Cherries

By Mary Ellen Ellis

It is a great pleasure to grow and pick your own juicy, sweet cherries from your backyard garden or small orchard. But to grow fruit successfully, there are many factors to consider. The chill hours for cherry trees is one of those. Learn more in this article.

Cherry Drop Problems – Help, My Cherries Are Falling Off Tree

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Known worldwide for their stunning spring blooms, cherry trees reward growers with a profusion of delicious fruit. Although generally easy to grow, various issues such as fruit drop, may leave growers wondering, “Why are cherries dropping from my tree?” Find out here.

Cherry Shot Hole Info: How To Manage Black Leaf Spot On Cherry Trees

By Liz Baessler

Black leaf spot, also known as shot hole disease, is a problem that affects all stone fruit trees, including cherries. It isn?t as serious on cherries as it is on some other fruit trees, but it?s still best if it?s avoided. Learn more about how to manage the problem here.

Cherry Armillaria Control: Treating Armillaria Rot Of Cherries

Armillaria rot of cherries is a fungus often known as mushroom rot, oak root fungus or honey fungus. And, there?s nothing sweet about this devastating soil-borne disease, which affects cherry and other stone fruit. Click here to learn more about mushroom rot in cherry trees.

What Is Necrotic Rusty Mottle Virus – Controlling Necrotic Rusty Mottle In Cherries

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

If these leaves of your cherry tree are mottled yellow with necrotic lesions, these may be necrotic rusty mottle symptoms. It is unknown what causes this disease, but it seems to spread slowly, giving some chance of control if diagnosed early enough. Learn more here.

Cherries With Brown Rot: Controlling Cherry Brown Rot Symptoms

Brown rot in cherry trees is a serious fungal disease that infects stems, blossoms and fruit. It may also infect ornamental cherry trees. Controlling cherry brown rot isn?t easy and requires careful attention to sanitation and timely application of certain fungicides. Learn more here.

Cherry Vein Clearing Info: What Causes Vein Clearing And Cherry Crinkle

By Liz Baessler

Vein clearing and cherry crinkle are two names for the same problem, a virus-like condition that affects cherry trees. It can lead to serious issues in fruit production. Learn more about how to manage a cherry with crinkle and vein clearing symptoms here.

How To Treat Rugose Mosaic Disease: What Is Cherry Rugose Mosaic Virus

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Cherries with rugose mosaic virus are unfortunately untreatable. Know the signs of rugose mosaic if you have cherry trees so you can remove diseased trees and prevent disease spread as soon as possible. This article will help with that.

Cherry Brown Rot Symptoms – How To Control Brown Rot On A Cherry Tree

By Amy Grant

Warm, wet conditions that are a necessity to cherry trees bring with it a higher incidence of fungal disease. One such disease, brown rot in cherries, can increase exponentially and decimate a crop. Click here for more cherry brown rot information including treatment.

Cherry Cotton Root Rot Info: How To Treat A Cherry Tree With Root Rot

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Few diseases are as destructive as Phymatotrichum root rot. Fortunately, with its affinity for hot, dry climates, this root rot is limited to certain regions. In the Southwest United States, the disease can cause significant damage to cherry trees. Find more cherry cotton rot info here.

Little Cherry Disease Info – What Causes Little Cherry Disease

By Teo Spengler

Little cherry virus is one of the few fruit tree diseases that describe their primary symptoms in the common name. This disease is evidenced by super small cherries that don?t taste good. Click here for information about its causes, symptoms and control.

What Is Cherry Rusty Mottle: Treating Cherries With Rusty Mottle Disease

By Teo Spengler

If your cherry trees are producing sickly fruit late in the season, it may be time to read up on rusty mottle cherry disease. Cherry rusty mottle includes several viral diseases of cherry trees, including rusty mottle of cherry and necrotic rusty mottle. Learn more here.

Cherry Witches’ Broom Info: What Causes Witches’ Broom Of Cherry Trees

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Witches? broom is a common affliction of many trees and shrubs. It can be caused by several different vectors. In this article, we will specifically discuss the causes and symptoms of witches? broom on a cherry tree. Click here for more information on cherry witches? broom.

Cherry Black Knot Disease: Treating Cherry Trees With Black Knot

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Trees in the Prunus family, such as cherry or plum, are highly susceptible to a serious fall producing fungal disease known as cherry black knot disease or just black knot. Click here for more cherry black knot information.

Reasons For Cherry Leaf Spots: Treating Cherry Leaves With Spots

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Cherry leaves with spots are the first symptoms of cherry leaf spot. The spots on cherry leaves are easy to confuse with several other fungal diseases. Knowing what the signs are and implementing early treatment can help save your crop. Learn more here.

Cherry Leaf Spot Issues – What Causes Leaf Spots On Cherries

By Amy Grant

If you have a cherry tree with leaves peppered with small circular red to purple spots, you may have a cherry leaf spot issue. What?s cherry leaf spot? Click here to find out how to identify a cherry tree with leaf spot and what to do if you have leaf spots on cherries.

What Is Cherry Rust: How To Treat Rust On A Cherry Tree

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Cherry rust is a not uncommon fungal infection that causes early leaf drop in not just cherries, but also peaches and plums. In most cases, this is not a serious infection but should always be taken seriously and managed as necessary. This article will help.

What Are Black Cherry Aphids – A Guide To Managing Black Cherry Aphids

Black cherry aphids are a problem of cherry growers across nearly every region of the United States. While the pests will feed on any type of cherry, sweet cherries are most susceptible. Click here for more black cherry aphid information.

Cherry Tree Propagation: How To Grow Cherries From A Cutting

By Amy Grant

Most people purchase a cherry tree from a nursery, but there are two ways you can propagate a cherry tree - by seed or you can propagate cherry trees from cuttings. Find out how to grow cherries from a cutting and planting cherry tree cuttings in this article.

Container Grown Cherry Trees: Tips On Growing Cherries In A Pot

By Amy Grant

Love cherries but have very little gardening space? No problem, try planting cherry trees in pots. The following article contains information on how to grow cherry trees in containers and how to care for container grown cherry trees.

Cherry Tree Guilds: Learn How To Grow A Cherry Tree Guild

By Teo Spengler

Cherry tree guilds use a cherry tree as the centerpiece of the planting area. You fill out the guild with understory plants that improve the soil, manipulate insects or otherwise increase your fruit yields. For more information, this article will help.

Bacterial Canker Control – Tips On Treating Bacterial Canker On Cherries

By Teo Spengler

Bacterial canker of cherry trees is a killer. When young sweet cherry trees die, the cause is more likely to be bacterial canker of cherry than any other disease in wet, cool areas. If you want more information about the latest methods of treating bacterial canker, click this article.

Cherry Tree Fertilizer: When And How To Fertilize Cherry Trees

By Teo Spengler

When it comes to fertilizing cherry trees, less is better. Many appropriately planted backyard cherry trees do not require much fertilizer. Learn about when to fertilize cherry trees, and when cherry tree fertilizer is a bad idea in this article.

X Disease Of Cherries – What Is Cherry Buckskin Disease

By Liz Baessler

It?s not very common, but once X disease hits, it?s easily spreadable, hard to eradicate, and can mean the end of many of your cherry trees (even your entire orchard). Learn more about X disease symptoms and how to treat cherry tree X disease here.

Pie Cherries Vs. Regular Cherries: Best Cherry Varieties For Pie

By Liz Baessler

While sweet cherries are eaten straight, sour cherries are hard to eat on their own. You can bake a pie with sweet cherries, but pies are what sour (or tart) cherries are made for. Learn more about what kind of cherries are good for pies in this article.

Cherry Borer Treatment: Tips For Controlling Cherry Tree Borers

There are two types of borers that commonly infest cherry trees: the peach tree borer and the shot-hole borer. Unfortunately, both types of cherry tree wood borers can be difficult to control. Learn more about these unwanted pests here.

Cherry Tree Leaking Sap: How To Stop Oozing Cherry Trees

By Liz Baessler

You go to examine your beloved cherry tree and find something unsettling: globs of sap oozing through the bark. A tree losing sap isn?t dire, but it?s probably a sign of another problem. Click here to learn about the causes of bleeding cherry trees.

Western Cherry Fruit Fly Info – Controlling Western Cherry Fruit Flies

Western cherry fruit files are small pests, but they do big damage in home gardens and commercial orchards across the western United States. Find more western cherry fruit fly information in this article.

What Is Cherry Tree Gall: Why A Cherry Tree Has Abnormal Growths

By Teo Spengler

If your cherry tree has abnormal growths on its trunk or roots, it may be the victim of cherry tree crown gall. Learn more about crown fall on cherry trees and what to do about it in this article. Click here for more information.

Thinning Cherry Trees: Learn How And When To Thin Cherries

By Teo Spengler

Thinning cherry trees is usually not necessary. However, if your cherry tree has a heavy load on its branches, you might consider thinning it. To learn how to thin out a cherry tree and when to thin cherries, this article will help.

Pollinating A Cherry Tree: How Do Cherry Trees Pollinate

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Do cherry trees cross pollinate? Most cherry trees require cross pollination, or the assistance of another of the species. But not all cherry trees need a compatible cultivar, so how do cherry trees pollinate? Click here to find out.

Cherry Tree Varieties: Types Of Cherry Trees For The Landscape

By Amy Grant

I love Bing cherries and no doubt this variety of cherry is one most of us are familiar with. However, there are a number of cherry tree types. Among the varieties of cherry trees, is there a cherry tree suited for your landscape? Click here to learn more.

Cherry Tree Diseases: Tips On Treating Cherry Diseases

By Teo Spengler

Common cherry tree diseases have recognizable symptoms. Check out the following article to learn more about cherry tree problems and the best methods of treating diseases of cherry trees. Click here for additional information.

Tips For Planting Cherry Seeds: Can You Grow A Cherry Tree Pit

By Amy Grant

If you are a cherry lover, you?ve probably spit your share of cherry pits, or maybe it?s just me. At any rate, have you ever wondered ?can you grow a cherry tree pit?? If so, how do you grow cherry trees from pits? This article will help.

Fruit Split In Cherries: Learn Why Cherry Fruits Split Open

By Amy Grant

One of the most annoying aspects of cherry growing is split cherry fruit. What is the reason for cherry fruits that are split open? Is there anything that can prevent fruit split in cherries? This article should help answer these questions.

Cherry Tree Pruning: How And When To Trim A Cherry Tree

By Amy Grant

All fruiting trees need to be pruned and cherry trees are no exception. Whether sweet, sour or weeping, knowing when to prune a cherry tree and the correct method for cutting back cherries is a valuable tool. Learn more about cherry tree pruning care in this article.

Cherry Tree Harvesting: How And When To Pick Cherries

By Amy Grant

Whether plucked straight from the tree or cooked into blue ribbon pie, cherries are synonymous with fun in the sun. How then do you know when to pick cherries? Read this article for tips on harvesting cherries from your tree.

How To Grow A Black Cherry Tree: Information On Wild Black Cherry Trees

By Amy Grant

Growing black cherries have low branches which tend to droop and brush the ground. These wild cherry trees can make good additions to the home landscape. Read this article to learn more.

Cherry Tree Problems: What To Do For A Cherry Tree Not Fruiting

By Amy Grant

Nothing is more frustrating than growing a cherry tree that refuses to bear fruit. Learn more about why cherry tree problems like this happen and what you can do in this article.

Cherry Tree Care – How To Grow Cherry Trees

By Kathee Mierzejewski

Have you been thinking about planting cherry trees? Whether grown for its fruit or blossoms, this article gives tips on how to grow a cherry tree in your garden. Click here to learn more.

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