Vandalay Cherry Tree Info – Learn How To Grow Vandalay Cherries

The Vandalay cherry variety is a beautiful and delicious type of sweet cherry. The fruit is dark red and very sweet. If you are interested in this cherry variety, read on for tips on how to grow Vandalay cherries and information on Vandalay cherry care.

Vandalay Cherry Variety

The Vandalay cherry variety resulted from a cross between ‘Van’ and ‘Stella’ cherries. It was developed 1969 by Dr. Ghassem Tehrani at the Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario and named after one of his colleagues there. The Vandalay cherry tree produces fruit that is deep red on the outside, with wine red flesh. The cherries are kidney-shaped and very attractive. They are also sweet and delicious, excellent for eating fresh from the tree but also perfect for use in pastries. If you are interested in growing Vandalay cherries, you need to know about their cold hardiness. The Vandalay cherry tree thrives in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 9. Gardeners in those zones should be able to add this tree to a home orchard. The Vandalay cherry variety ripens in the middle of July, about the same time as the popular 'Bing' variety. Although the Vandalay cherry tree is said to be self-fruitful, you may get more fruit with a pollinator. You can use Bing, Stella, Van, Vista, Napoleon, or Hedelfingen.

How to Grow Vandalay Cherries

You’ll need to offer the Vandalay cherry tree the same type of site and nurture that other cherry varieties require. Vandalay cherry care starts with an appropriate placement. Cherry trees need a sunny location if you are hoping for fruit, so plant the Vandalay cherry where it will get at least six to eight hours a day of direct sun. The tree does best in loamy soil with excellent drainage. Vandalay cherry care includes regular irrigation during the growing season and pruning to open up the center of the tree. This allows sunlight and air to pass within the branches, encouraging fruit. One problem you may experience when growing Vandalay cherries is cracking. Developers reported that Vandalay cherry produced fruit resistant to rain-induced cracking but individuals growing these cherries have found cracking to be a serious issue in rainy areas.

Teo Spengler

Teo Spengler has been gardening for 30 years. She is a docent at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Her passion is trees, 250 of which she has planted on her land in France.