Information About Citrus Trees

Citrus tree growing can be a great way to enjoy some of your favorite citrus treats. But what happens when problems arise while caring for citrus plants? Let us put these worries to bed by providing citrus tree information that can help identify and treat common citrus problems like pests and disease. Learning how to properly care for your citrus helps alleviate most issues.

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Citrus Tree Pruning Guide: When To Prune Citrus Trees

Gardeners often assume that pruning citrus trees is much the same as pruning regular fruit trees, but it’s actually very different for a variety of reasons. Let’s explore the basics of citrus tree pruning in this article. Click here for additional information.

What Are Papedas – Identifying And Growing Papeda Fruits

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

What are papedas? They are the ancestors of many of our common citrus fruits. While edible, they are bitter and nearly unpalatable. However, some types of papeda make excellent rootstocks for modern citrus trees. Learn more about these citrus grandparents here.

Citrus Rust Mite Control: Learn How To Kill Citrus Rust Mites

By Liz Baessler

Citrus rust mites are pests that affect a variety of citrus trees. While they do not do any permanent or serious damage to the tree, they do make the fruit unsightly and virtually impossible to sell commercially. Learn more about managing them in this article.

What Is Oleocellosis – What Causes Spots On Citrus Fruit

By Amy Grant

Oleocellosis of citrus is not a disease but rather a phenomenon caused by mechanical injury that can occur any time during harvest, handling or marketing. The injury causes greenish/brown areas on the fruit’s peel. Learn more about it in this article.

Citrus Xyloporosis Treatment: Managing Symptoms Of Cachexia Xyloporosis Virus

By Teo Spengler

One disease to look out for in a home orchard is citrus xyloporosis, caused by the Cachexia xyloporosis virus. What is cachexia xyloporosis? Click on the following article for information on xyloporosis of citrus trees.

My Citrus Stems Are Dying – Reasons For Citrus Limb Dieback

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

While growing citrus fruits at home is usually a very rewarding activity, things can sometimes go wrong. One increasingly common problem is citrus twig dieback. In this article, we will go over the common reasons why twig dieback of citrus trees may occur.

Wood Rot In Citrus: What Causes Citrus Ganoderma Rot

By Teo Spengler

Citrus heart rot is an infection that causes the trunks of citrus trees to rot. If you are wondering what causes citrus ganoderma, click here. We’ll fill you in on the causes of ganoderma rot of citrus as well as what steps to take if this happens in your orchard.

Tristeza Virus Information – What Causes Citrus Quick Decline

By Liz Baessler

Citrus quick decline is a syndrome caused by the citrus tristeza virus (CTV). It kills citrus trees quickly and has been known to devastate orchards. Learn more about what causes citrus quick decline and how to stop citrus quick decline in this article.

Cotton Root Rot On Citrus Trees: Treating Citrus With Cotton Root Rot Disease

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Cotton root rot on citrus is one of the more devastating. It is caused by Phymatotrichum omnivorum, a fungus which attacks over 200 types of plants. A more in-depth look at citrus cotton root rot info can help prevent and combat this serious disease. Learn more here.

Rio Grande Gummosis Info: Learn About Citrus Rio Grande Gummosis Disease

By Amy Grant

If you have a citrus tree trunk forming blisters that ooze a gummy substance, you might just have a case of citrus Rio Grande gummosis. What’s Rio Grande gummosis? The following article contains info that includes symptoms and management tips to help.

Citrus Melanose Fungus: Learn How To Treat Citrus Melanose Disease

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Citrus melanose is an infection that impacts all types of citrus trees, causing damage to leaves and fruit rinds. The pulp of the fruit is not usually affected, but the disease can harm the tree and leaves the fruit looking unattractive. Learn how to minimize melanose here.

What Is Citrus Psorosis – How To Prevent Citrus Psorosis Disease

Although there are several strains of citrus psorosis, the disease will affect productivity and kill the tree sooner or later. The good news is that the disease has diminished considerably over the past few decades. Learn more about this diseases by clicking here.

Sunscald On Citrus Trees: How To Deal With Sunburnt Citrus Plants

By Liz Baessler

Just like humans, trees can get sunburnt. But unlike humans, trees can take a very long time to recover. Sometimes they never completely do. Citrus trees can be very vulnerable to sunscald and sunburn. Learn how to prevent sunscald on citrus trees here.

Citrus Leaf Miner Control: How To Spot Citrus Leaf Miner Damage

By Teo Spengler

If you think your orchard might be infested by citrella leaf miners, you?ll want to learn techniques for managing them. Click on the following article for information on citrus leaf miner damage and what you can do about it.

What Causes Citrus Foot Rot: Controlling Citrus Gummosis In Gardens

Citrus foot rot isn’t curable but you may be able to prevent it from taking over your citrus orchards. Learn more about citrus gummosis problems and what you can do to prevent the disease from spreading in this article. Click here for additional information.

What Causes Citrus Slow Decline – How To Treat Citrus Slow Decline

By Teo Spengler

Citrus slow decline is both the name and description of a citrus tree problem. Pests called citrus nematodes infest the tree roots. If you grow citrus trees in your home orchard, you may need more information about slow decline of citrus. This article will help with that.

How To Treat Citrus Exocortis – Managing Citrus Exocortis Symptoms

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Citrus exocortis is a disease that impacts some citrus trees, particularly those of a specific rootstock known as trifoliate. If you don?t have that rootstock, your trees are most likely safe but there is still a possibility they can be infected. This article has more information.

Citrus Alternaria Rot Info: Treating A Citrus Tree With Alternaria Rot

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Without proper maintenance, trees may become stressed, making them more susceptible to various citrus diseases. Alternaria rot is one such issue which many citrus growers encounter. Find additional information for alternaria on citrus trees in this article.

Tatter Leaf Virus Control: Learn About Treating Citrus Tatter Leaf Virus

By Amy Grant

Citrus tatter leaf virus (CTLV) is a serious disease that attacks citrus trees. Recognizing the symptoms and learning what causes citrus tatter leaf are the keys to tatter leaf virus control. Click here for more information on treating citrus tatter leaf symptoms.

What Causes Citrus Flyspeck – Treating Symptoms Of Flyspeck Fungus

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Growing citrus trees can be a great joy, providing a beautiful landscaping element, shade, screening and, of course, delicious homegrown fruit. And there is nothing worse than going to harvest and finding they have been damaged by the flyspeck fungus. Learn more here.

Citrus Sooty Mold Info: How To Get Rid Of Sooty Mold On Citrus Trees

Citrus sooty mold isn?t actually a plant disease but a black, powdery fungus that grows on branches, leaves and fruit. Click the following article for tips on controlling citrus sooty mold, along with the insects that create conditions ripe for fungal growth.

Phytophthora Root Rot In Citrus – What Causes Citrus Feeder Root Rot

By Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Citrus feeder root rot is a frustrating problem for orchard owners and those who grow citrus in the home landscape. Learning how this problem occurs and what can be done about it is your first step in its prevention and treatment. This article will help.

My Citrus Fruits Are Scarred – What Causes Scarring Of Citrus Fruits

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Whether growing outdoors or in containers, watching the trees flower and begin to produce fruit is quite exciting. However, you may notice that your citrus fruits are marked or scarred. What causes scarring of citrus fruits? Learn about marks on citrus here.

Stylar End Rot Information – Managing Fruit With Stylar End Rot

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Citrus fruits can be damaged by a disease called stylar end rot or black rot. The stylar end, or the navel, of the fruit may crack, become discolored, and begin to decay because of infection by a pathogen. Protect your citrus crop with information from this article.

Citrus Fruit Information – What Are the Different Types Of Citrus Trees

By Amy Grant

There are many different types of citrus, each with their own particular citrus growing requirement and flavor nuances. Click on the following article to find out about different citrus tree varieties and other citrus fruit information.

Citrus Tree Fruiting – When Will My Citrus Tree Fruit

By Mary Ellen Ellis

The best thing about growing citrus trees is getting to harvest and eat the fruits. As you get into citrus trees, know that you won?t necessarily get fruit right away. You may have to be patient with citrus tree fruiting, but it is worth the wait. Learn more here.

Fruit Thinning In Citrus: Why Should You Thin Citrus Trees

By Teo Spengler

Thinning fruit on citrus trees is a technique intended to produce better fruit. After thinning citrus fruits, each of the fruits that remain get more water, nutrients and elbow room. If you want to know how to thin citrus tree fruit, this article will help.

ISD For Citrus Trees: Information On ISD Tags On Citrus

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Noticed a tag stating ?ISD Treated? with a date and also a treatment expiration date? The tag may also say ?Retreat before Expiration.? So what is an ISD treatment and how to retreat your tree? This article will answer questions about ISD treatment on citrus trees.

Citrus Bud Mite Damage – Control Of Citrus Bud Mites

What are citrus bud mites? These harmful pests are tiny and somewhat difficult to spot with the naked eye, but citrus bud mite damage can be extensive and may reduce yield. For information about identification and control of citrus bud mites, click here.

Citrus Tree Companions: What To Plant Under A Citrus Tree

By Liz Baessler

Fruit trees are famously vulnerable to pests and diseases, so just taking the time to figure out which plants benefit them the most will go a long way to ensuring their success. Learn more about what to plant under a citrus tree in this article.

Asian Citrus Psyllid Damage: Tips On Treatment For Asian Citrus Psyllids

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

If you?re noticing problems with your citrus trees, it could be pests - more specifically, Asian citrus psyllid damage. Learn more about the Asian citrus psyllid life cycle and the damage these pests cause, including treatment, in this article.

Citrus Fruit Picking: Help, My Fruit Won’t Come Off Tree

By Amy Grant

When you try pulling citrus off trees and you?re met with great resistance, you may wonder ?why won?t my fruit come off the tree?? So, why is citrus fruit sometimes hard to pull off? Click this article to learn more.

Mycorrhiza In Citrus: What Causes Uneven Growth Of Citrus Fruit

By Liz Baessler

Because of the positive mycorrhizal fungi effects on citrus, a lack or uneven spread of fungus can lead to unhealthy or lackluster trees and fruit. Learn more about mycorrhiza in citrus and mycorrhizal fungi fertilizer in this article.

Salt Resistant Citrus – Are Citrus Trees Salt Tolerant

By Amy Grant

If you are a seaside resident and wish to experience the joys of freshly plucked citrus from your very own tree, you may be wondering ?are citrus trees salt tolerant?? You can learn more about this in the article that follows.

Citrus Fruit Brown Rot: Tips For Brown Rot Control On Citrus

By Kristi Waterworth

Citrus fruits are fun and easy to grow, until disaster strikes. If brown rot is plaguing your oranges, lemons and limes, you?ll be ready to fight back after reading this article. Click here for more information on brown rot of citrus fruit.

Citrus Seed Storage: Tips On Harvesting Seeds From Citrus Fruits

By Amy Grant

There is very little quite as satisfying as propagating your own fruit or veggies. Not everything can be started via seed though. Is growing citrus by seed a possibility? Read this article to learn more about citrus seed removal and growing.

Citrus Fruit Flies: Protecting Citrus From Fruit Fly Pests

By Amy Grant

As gardeners, we all know that our fruits and veggies may be susceptible to a variety of pests. Citrus trees are no exception and have a plethora of damaging pests which may infest the fruit. Amongst these are citrus fruit flies. Learn more here.

Curled Leaves On Citrus Plant: What To Do For Curling Citrus Leaves

By Kristi Waterworth

As far as fruit trees go, citrus tend to be the low-fuss member of the team; but when curling citrus leaves appear, you'll need to intervene. This article will help that. Click here for more info.

Citrus Tree Houseplant Care: How To Grow Citrus Indoors

By Amy Grant

Not everyone has space enough or the right climate for growing a citrus tree. So is it possible to grow indoor citrus trees? Yes, it is. You can find more information for indoor grown citrus in this article.

Thorns On Citrus Trees: Why Does My Citrus Plant Have Thorns?

By Amy Grant

No, it?s not an anomaly; there are thorns on citrus trees. Although not well known, it is a fact that most, not all, citrus fruit trees have thorns. Read here for more about thorns on a citrus tree.

Cold Hardy Citrus Trees: Citrus Trees That Are Cold Tolerant

By Amy Grant

Citrus fruits are semi-tropical to tropical plants which usually hate cool temps. But, there are some cold hardy citrus tree varieties available. Learn what they are in this article.

What Is Citrus Greening Disease: Saving Plants Affected By Citrus Greening

By Kristi Waterworth

Do you know how to spot citrus greening disease symptoms? This disease is a serious problem of citrus trees. Read this article to learn more about this disease and how to treat it.

Controlling Citrus Scale – How To Treat Types Of Scale On Citrus Plants

By Amy Grant

Dropping leaves, twig and branch die back, and stunted or distorted fruit may indicate an infestation of citrus scale pests. Find out more about citrus scale control in this article.

Thrips On Citrus Tree: Control Of Citrus Thrips

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Home growers know citrus trees that bear delicious fruits are often prey to pest problems. Citrus thrips are one of the most common. Read this article to find out how to control these pests.

Citrus Mites: Learn How To Kill Mites On Citrus Trees

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Gardeners with citrus trees should both be aware of and ask, ?what are citrus mites?? It is a common pest of citrus crops and their feeding habits cause diminished health and production. Learn more here.

Citrus Blooming Season – When Do Citrus Trees Bloom

By Jackie Rhoades

When do citrus trees bloom? Well, that depends on the type of citrus. Use the information in this article to learn more about citrus tree blooming. Knowing this will help in planning your harvest.

Why Citrus Fruit Get Thick Peels And Little Pulp

By Heather Rhoades

For a citrus grower, nothing can be more frustrating than waiting all season for citrus fruit to ripen only to discover a thick peel and little juice. This article can help with that. Click here for more info.

Learn What Causes Leaves Falling Off A Citrus Tree

By Kathee Mierzejewski

Citrus trees love warm weather and usually do quite well in warmer states. However, the warmer the weather, the more issues will be had - namely citrus leaf drop. This article will explain more.

Identifying And Treating Greasy Spot Fungus

By Kathee Mierzejewski

Citrus fruit can suffer from fungal problems just like other fruits. The most common form of citrus tree fungus is greasy spot fungus. Find out what to do when your fruit is affected using the information in the following article.

Fertilizing Citrus Trees – Best Practices For Citrus Fertilizing

By Heather Rhoades

Citrus trees, like all plants, need nutrients to grow. Learning how to fertilize a citrus fruit tree properly can make the difference between a bumper crop of fruit or none at all. Read here to get more info.

Tips On Water Requirements For Citrus Trees

By Heather Rhoades

For citrus owners in warm, humid climates, citrus tree watering is not something they often need to think about. But in cooler or drier climates, watering can be tricky. Learn more in this article.

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