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If you’ve ever wondered how to grow a lime tree, then you are in the right place. Within the following pages for growing lime trees, you will find information on everything from how to grow a lime tree and basic lime tree care to overcoming common lime tree problems. So don’t let the thought of growing lime trees intimidate you. Instead, use these tips on caring for limes to grow the best citrus fruit possible.

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Lime Tree Leaf Curl: What Causes Curling Leaves On Lime Trees

By Kristi Waterworth

Your lime leaves are curling and you have no idea where to start treating them. Have no fear, there are many innocent causes of leaf curl on lime trees. Learn what to look for and how to handle common lime tree leaf curl problems in this article.

Fertilizing Lime Trees – Learn How To Fertilize A Lime Tree

By Amy Grant

Got a lime tree? Wondering how to fertilize your lime tree? Lime trees, like all citrus, are heavy feeders and, therefore, need supplemental fertilizer. But the question is, when do you fertilize lime trees? Click here and find out in this article.

Sweet Lime Varieties – Sweet Lime Tree Growing And Care

By Amy Grant

There's a new citrus on the block! Okay, it isn't new, but fairly obscure in the United States. We're talking sweet limes. Yes, a lime that is less tart and more on the sweet side. Intrigued? This article contains additional information.

Are Yellow Limes Bad: What To Do With Yellow Limes

By Amy Grant

When we purchase limes, they are generally fairly firm but with a slight give and uniformly green in color. What happens if you encounter limes with yellow skin though? Are yellow limes bad? Click here to learn more.

Hand Pollinating Lime Trees: How To Hand Pollinate A Lime Tree

By Amy Grant

Is your lime tree less than stellar in the pollination department? If your yield is meager, perhaps you have wondered if you can hand pollinate limes? This article will help you with hand pollination of lime trees.

Potted Lime Trees: Caring For Container Grown Lime Trees

By Amy Grant

Growing lime trees in pots have the advantage of ease of movement and protection from cold. The information in this article will help with growing a potted lime tree. Click here to learn more.

Watering Limes: How Much Water Do Lime Trees Need In Containers

By Amy Grant

Planting limes in pots will enable you to move them around more easily and grow them in cooler climates - but watering is crucial. How much water will these lime trees need? Read this article to find out.

Mexican Key Lime Tree Information: Tips For Growing Key Limes

By Gardening Know How

Almost anyone can grow Mexican key lime trees if you have the right information. Take a look at the growth and care of key lime trees in the following article and see if this lime tree variety is right for you.

Persian Lime Care – How To Grow A Tahiti Persian Lime Tree

By Amy Grant

The Tahiti Persian lime tree is a bit of a mystery. Sure, it's a producer of lime green citrus fruit, but what else do we know about this member of the family Rutaceae? Find out about growing Tahiti Persian limes here.

Problems With Lime Trees: Getting Rid Of Lime Tree Pests

By Kathee Mierzejewski

Usually, you can grow lime trees without much trouble. But even under the best of circumstances you can run into lime tree problems, like bothersome lime tree pests. Learn more about these in this article.

Lime Tree Leaf Drop – Why A Lime Tree Is Losing Leaves

By Kathee Mierzejewski

Most leaf drop in limes is due to water issues. Too much water, your lime tree is dropping leaves. Not enough, your lime tree is dropping leaves. Find out other reasons and how to fix lime tree leaf drop in this article.

Growing Lime Trees From Seed

By Nikki Tilley, Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden

In addition to nursery-grown plants, grafting is probably your best bet when growing lime trees. However, most citrus seeds are relatively easy to grow, including those from limes. Learn more in this article.

Tips For Pruning Lime Trees

By Nikki Tilley, Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden

With proper lime tree care, your lime trees will reward you with healthy, tasty fruits. Part of this care includes pruning lime trees. You can learn how to prune a lime tree in the following article.

Dry Lime Fruit – What Causes Dry Limes

By Nikki Tilley, Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden

While the juice quality of citrus fruit, like limes, usually improves throughout the season the longer they're on the tree, there are times when those left too long contribute to dryness. Learn more about that here.

Is Lime Fruit And Lime Blossoms Falling Off Tree Normal?

By Heather Rhoades

Lime blossoms falling off tree or lime tree dropping fruit can be alarming. Look at the possible causes for lime tree fruit drop or blossom drop in this article so you can fix the issue promptly.

Lime Tree Harvest Time: When To Pick A Lime From A Tree

By Nikki Tilley, Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden

Many people wonder when to pick a lime from a tree. Limes stay green and this makes it difficult to tell. Read this article to find out when to pick a lime from a tree so harvesting limes will be easier.

Care Of Your Kaffir Lime Tree

By Nikki Tilley, Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden

The Kaffir lime tree is commonly grown for use in Asian cuisine. While this dwarf citrus tree can be grown outdoors, it is best suited for indoor culture. Learn how to care for a Kaffir lime tree in this article.

Lime Tree Grafting – Budding Lime Trees To Propagate

By Heather Rhoades

Lime trees cannot be propagated from cuttings but are propagated from bud grafting. Grafting a lime tree is easy to do, once you know how. Get the steps for bud grafting a lime tree in this article.

Reasons And Fixes For Lime Tree Not Producing Blossoms Or Fruit

By Heather Rhoades

When a lime tree is not producing blossoms and fruit but still looks healthy, a lime tree owner can feel at a loss as to what to do. There are several issues that could be causing this. Learn about them here.

Lime Tree Tips: Care Of Lime Trees

By Heather Rhoades

Whether you live in an area where lime trees can grow outdoors year-round or if you must grow your lime tree in a container, growing lime trees can be rewarding and fun. Learn more about their care in this article.

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