Growing Pear Trees In Containers: Can You Grow A Pear Tree In A Pot

container pear
container pear
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Growing your own fruit trees is a rewarding and exciting endeavor. While it may initially seem that growing your own fruit at home would require a lot of space, more and more small-scale gardeners are taking advantage of various compact methods of growing fruit like containers. Read on to learn more about growing a pear tree in a container.

Can You Grow a Pear Tree in a Pot?

Pears, among other fruit trees, are excellent candidates for growth in gardens with less than ideal conditions. Whether growing in a small backyard, a rooftop without garden space, or a sunny apartment balcony, container grown pears is a fantastic way to maximize and utilize every inch of growing potential. So, yes, pear trees can definitely be grown in a potted environment.

Growing Pear Trees in Containers

Growing pear trees in containers is very similar to the traditional way in which pear trees are grown. First and foremost, growers will need to obtain healthy, disease-free pear trees. Deciding which cultivar to plant in the container is an extremely important decision too. Choosing dwarf varieties is essential to growing success in container culture. Additionally, growers should choose self-fertile or self-fruitful pollinating varieties. Self-fertile varieties do not require an additional pollinator tree in order to bear fruit. This is especially important if making only one container pear tree planting. Good selections for self-fertile pear trees include:

  • ‘Colette Everbearing’ pear
  • ‘Conference’ pear
  • ‘Durondeau’ pear
  • ‘Stark Honeysweet’ pear

To plant, place the tree in a large growing pot. Planting pots should be at least twice as deep and as wide of the root ball of the tree. Fill the container with a high quality potting soil mix, and fill the soil in around the top of plant being especially careful not to cover the crown of the tree. As with any container planting, make certain the pot has ample drainage at the bottom.

Potted Pear Tree Care

Pear containers should be placed outside in a sunny location that receives at least six hours of light each day. Adequate sunlight and an ample supply of water are essential for the growth of healthy container grown pears. Due to the tendency of containers to dry out quickly, plants in warm weather climates may need to be watered weekly, or even daily, in order to maintain proper moisture levels. Lastly, care should be taken when pruning fruit trees grown in containers. The selection, pruning, and removal of some fruits will benefit the plant, as it may be difficult for the container grown trees to support and ripen a large number of fruits. While growing fruits in pots is an ambitious project, it is important to note that growing fruit in containers will not produce the same results and yields as trees which have been planted outdoors in the garden.

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