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If you love the taste of pear fruit, then growing pears in the home garden may be just the thing for you. Find out how to grow pear trees from start to finish in the pages that follow. You'll learn how to care for pears, when to harvest them and even how to take care for any pests or diseases of pears that might pop up. With the right information at your fingertips, you can enjoy this delightful fruit year after year.

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Care For European Pears – How To Grow European Pears At Home

By Amy Grant

Have you ever wondered what a European pear is? I mean there are Asian pears and the juicy ambrosial Bartlett pear amongst others, so what is a European pear? Click on the following article to learn how to grow your own European pear trees.

Pear Slug Pests – How To Kill Pear Slugs In Gardens

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Growing your own fruit can be very rewarding. However, when fruit trees become infected with disease or pests, it can be very disappointing and discouraging. If you notice skeletonized foliage on your pear or cherry trees, pear slugs could be the culprit. Learn more here.

Why Do Pears Split – What To Do For Split Pear Fruit

By Amy Grant

A fairly common problem with pears is split pear fruit. Why do pears split? Cracking of pear fruit all comes down to one common denominator. Click this article to find out what causes pears to split and if there is a remedy when pears are splitting.

Pear Tree Not Leafing Out: Troubleshooting Pear Tree Leaf Problems

By Teo Spengler

If your pear tree has no leaves or small, sparse leaves rather than covered in green foliage, something isn?t right. Your first move should be to check its cultural care, since irrigation, placement and soil issues can cause pear tree leaf problems. Click here for tips.

Pear Decline Phytoplasma: Treating Pear Decline Disease In The Garden

By Teo Spengler

Since there is no effective pear decline treatment, your best bet is to purchase resistant plants in the first place. To learn more about symptoms of pear decline disease, including other pertinent information, this article will help.

Pear Varieties: What Are Some Common Types Of Pear Trees

By Liz Baessler

Pears are a terrific tree to grow in the garden or landscape. But what are the different varieties of pear and what are their differences? Which ones taste the best, and which will grow in your area? Learn more in this article.

Pears And Fire Blight: How To Treat Pear Tree Blight

By Liz Baessler

Fire blight in pears is a devastating disease that can easily spread and cause serious damage in an orchard. Learn more about detecting fire blight in pears and how to treat pear tree blight in the following article.

Yellow Pear Leaves: What To Do When A Pear Tree Has Yellow Leaves

By Liz Baessler

When you notice your pear tree leaves turning yellow, panic sets in. What could be causing this? The truth is, a lot of things. Click here to learn more about what brings about yellowing leaves on flowering pear and how to treat it.

When Are Pears Ripe To Eat: Learn About Pear Tree Harvest Time

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

When are pears ripe to eat? Pears are one of the few fruits that are best when picked under ripe. Pear tree harvest time will vary according to variety. Learn when and how to pick pears in this article. Click here for more information.

Pear Tree Irrigation: Tips On Watering A Pear Tree

By Liz Baessler

Pear trees are a great addition to a yard or landscape. Pears are delicate, however, and too much or too little watering can lead to yellowing or dropped leaves and subpar fruit. Learn more about pear tree watering and how often to water pears here.

Pear Tree Pollination Guide – Learn About Pear Trees And Pollination

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

There are several pear tree pollination guides available but there are also some simple rules that will help you choose the best trees with the greatest chance of producing. This article will help with cross pollination of pear trees.

Pear Tree Leaf Curl: Learn About Leaf Curl On Pear Trees

trees are sometimes susceptible to issues that cause leaf curl. This article includes information on possible reasons for curling pear tree leaves, and tips for pear tree leaf curl treatment. Click here to learn more.

Espalier Pear Tree Maintenance: How To Espalier A Pear Tree

By Teo Spengler

An espaliered tree is a flattened tree grown alone one plane. By careful pruning and training, you can espalier a pear tree along the wires of a trellis. For information on how to espalier a pear tree, this tree will help

Pear Tree Lifespan Info: How Long Do Pear Trees Live

By Liz Baessler

The pear tree lifespan is a tricky subject, because it can depend upon so many things, from variety to disease to geography. That being said, plenty of estimates can be made and the information in this article will help.

Pear Tree Diseases And Treatment: Diagnosing And Treating Disease In Pears

By Liz Baessler

Home-grown pears are really a treasure. Unfortunately, pear trees are susceptible to quite a few easily spread diseases that can wipe them right out if left untreated. Learn more about pear tree diseases and treatment in this article.

Pear Tree Fertilizer: Tips On Fertilizing A Pear Tree

By Amy Grant

When conditions are optimal, pear trees are generally able to uptake all the nutrients they need through their root systems. Since life isn?t always perfect, however, knowing how and when to fertilize pears is important. This article will help.

Pear Tree Did Not Bloom: Getting A Pear Tree To Bloom

By Teo Spengler

Pear tree bloom time is generally spring. A pear tree without flowers in spring cannot produce fruit in summer. You?ll do best walking your way through a checklist of possible causes, and this article will help with getting a pear tree to bloom.

Pear Tree Issues – Tips On Fixing Pear Tree Problems

By Teo Spengler

If you have an orchard with pear trees, expect to encounter pear tree diseases and pear tree insect problems. Get more information about fixing pear tree problems in the following article. Click here to learn more.

Tips On Thinning Pears: Learn How And When To Thin Pears

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Thinning is a beneficial practice whether we?re talking about lettuce starts or tree fruits like pear. Timing and the number of fruits to cull are important aspects to know. This article will help with thinning out pears.

Asian Pear Trees: Learn How To Grow An Asian Pear Tree

By Amy Grant

With a delicious pear flavor but a firm apple texture, growing your own Asian pears is becoming a popular option for those with a home orchard. Get tips and information for growing Asian pears in this article.

Taking Pear Cuttings – How To Propagate Pear Trees From Cuttings

By Amy Grant

If you?re new to pear tree propagation, like me, then a little education about how to propagate pear trees from cuttings is in order. Find information and tips on propagating pear cuttings in this article. Click here to learn more.

Collecting Pear Seeds: Learn How To Save Pear Seeds

By Karen Boness, Owner of Wild Willow Landscape Design

Did you ever want to grow your own pear tree? Collecting pear seeds to start your own tree from scratch is a simple and enjoyable process. Anyone can learn how to save pear seeds, and this article will help to get you started.

Pear Rust Mites – Fixing Pear Rust Mite Damage In Pear Trees

By Jackie Carroll

Pear rust mites are so tiny that you have to use a magnification lens to see them, but the damage they cause is easy to see. Learn more about this damage and subsequent treatment in this article.

No Pears On Tree: When Should Pear Trees Bear Fruit

By Susan Patterson, Master Gardener

Pear trees are relatively easy to grow and can produce an abundance of fruit in the home garden. However, sometimes gardeners become frustrated when they have a pear tree not producing. Learn more here.

Pear Tree Pruning – How And When Do You Prune A Pear Tree

By Jackie Carroll

Proper pruning of pear trees improves the appearance, health and yield of these fruit trees. Use the information from the following article to get tips for trimming pear trees in the landscape.

Pear Tree Care: Growing And Planting Pears In The Home Garden

By Jackie Rhoades

Growing pear trees can be a rewarding experience for the home gardener, but before you begin, there are a few things you need to know about how to plant. This article will explain what those are.

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