Chesnok Red Garlic Care – How To Grow Chesnok Red Garlic Cloves

Chesnok Red Garlic Bulb
red garlic
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If you’ve stuck with your favorite garlic for years, you might not be familiar with Chesnok Red garlic bulbs. What is Chesnek Red garlic? It wins acclaim as one of the best tasting baking garlic available. Growing Chesnok Red garlic is not difficult and not very different than other type of garlic. For information on how to grow Chesnok Red garlic, read on.

What is Chesnok Red Garlic?

Those growing Chesnok Red garlic rave about it. It is an exceptional garlic from the Republic of Georgia in the former USSR. Chesnek red garlic bulbs store well and retain their shape and flavor when cooked. The bulb is a very lovely shade of red that presents well.

Some gardeners term Chesnok Red garlic bulbs the best all-round garlic available. Each large bulb is wrapped in a purple-striped, papery covering and contains some ten cloves. The cloves are extremely easy to peel.

This is true medium hardneck garlic that harvests in midsummer and stores well through midwinter. It is extremely sweet and delicious when it is roasted. 

How to Grow Chesnek Red Garlic

If you are wondering how to grow Chesnek Red garlic, you’ll be pleased to hear that it is fairly easy to grow. Chesnek Red grows upright, multiplies quickly, and produces large bulbs from medium cloves.

Plant the Chesnek Red garlic bulbs in full sun in loose, well-drained soil. Position them 2 to 4 inches (5-10 cm.) apart in rows 12 inches (31 cm.) apart. Set the bulbs 1 to 2 inches (2.5-5 cm.) deep, flat side down.

Give the plants plenty of elbow room since they rise to between 36 and 48 inches (around 1 m.) high. It is important to keep weeds down as the Chesnek Red garlic bulbs are growing. That’s because the bulbs do not thrive with competition.

Chesnek Red Garlic Care

As for Chesnek Red garlic care, this garlic doesn’t require much assistance. Keep the soil moist and fertilize with nitrogen occasionally.

Don’t be in a hurry either. Chesnek garlic can take up to 210 days to mature. It is ready to harvest when the leaves brown and fall over. Dig deep so as to avoid breaking the garlic. That way it will store longer.

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