Red Toch Garlic Info: Tips For Growing Red Toch Garlic Bulbs

Red Toch Garlic Bulbs
Red Toch
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Growing your own garlic provides the chance to try types that are not readily available on store shelves. Such is the case when growing Red Toch garlic – a type of garlic you’re sure to love. Read on for some additional Red Toch garlic info.

What is Red Toch Garlic?

Red Toch is one of the garlics found to grow vigorously near the city of Tochliavri in the Republic of Georgia, of former USSR. This small area claims a variety of tasty cultivars, with Tochliavri garlic becoming a favorite in many places worldwide.

Wondering what makes it such a favorite? An Allium sativum offering a mild, yet complex, flavor and a unique aroma, many use this Tochliavri garlic for occasions when it will be eaten raw – yes, raw. Some have even called it the “perfect garlic,” using it in dips, salads, and other dishes that call for its use uncooked.

Cloves of this garlic are colored with pink and red streaks. Bulbs are large, producing 12 to 18 cloves in a typical bulb. It is slow to bolt, another big advantage when growing this specimen.

Growing Red Toch Garlic

Growing Red Toch garlic is not complicated. It matures early, before other types planted at the same time. Get started in autumn for a spring harvest. Most places should plant six to eight weeks before the first hard frost. Those living in areas without frost should plant in early winter, or even mid to late winter. Garlic root systems prefer cool temperatures to expand and develop into the biggest bulbs.

Plant Red Toch garlic in a container or a sunny bed in the ground with loose soil several inches (8 cm.) down. This encourages your cloves to grow and spread. Separate the cloves right before planting. Push them gently into the soil about 4 inches (10 cm.) down and 6 to 8 inches (15-20 cm.) apart.

After lightly watering in, cover with an organic mulch to help retain moisture and keep weeds from sprouting. Garlic grows best when not competing with weeds. You may also grow garlic in a raised bed if it is deep enough.

When sprouts emerge in spring, begin feeding. Garlic is a heavy feeder and requires adequate nitrogen for best development. Side dress or top dress with heavy nitrogen fertilizer. You may also use organic and liquid fertilizers. Feed the growing garlic bulbs regularly until late spring. Clip off any blooms that may grow, as they are competing with the bulbs’ growth.

Water regularly until bulbs develop fully, usually mid to late spring. Let the soil dry out before harvesting. Check bulbs in a couple spots to make sure they are ready for harvest. If not, allow them to grow another week or so.

Pest and disease rarely affect growing garlic; in fact, it works as a pest repellant for other crops.

Plant Red Toch in a sunny spot among other vegetables in need of pest repellant. Companion plant with flowers too.

Becca Badgett

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