Lorz Garlic Growing Info – Learn About Lorz Italian Garlic Plant Care

Bulbs Of Lorz Italian Garlic
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What is Lorz Italian garlic? This large, flavorful heirloom garlic is appreciated for its bold, spicy flavor. It is delicious when roasted or added to pasta, soups, mashed potatoes, and other hot dishes. Lorz Italian garlic has great storability and, under the right conditions, can maintain quality for six to nine months.

Lorz Italian garlic plants are easy to grow in nearly every climate, including regions with very cold winters. It also tolerates hot summers better than most types of garlic. The plant is so prolific that a single pound (0.5 kg.) of cloves may produce a harvest of up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg.) of delicious garlic at harvest time. Read on for more Lorz garlic growing info.

How to Grow Lorz Italian Garlic Plants

Cultivating Lorz garlic is easy. Plant Lorz Italian garlic in the fall, a few weeks before the ground freezes in your climate.

Dig a generous amount of compost, chopped leaves, or another organic material into the soil before planting. Press the cloves 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm.) into the soil, with the pointed ends up. Allow 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm.) between each clove.

Cover the area with dry grass clippings, straw, or another organic mulch to protect the garlic from winter freeze-thaw cycles. Remove the mulch when you see green shoots in spring, but leave a thin layer if you expect frosty weather.

Fertilize Lorz Italian garlic plants when you see strong growth in early spring, using fish emulsion or some other organic fertilizer. Repeat in about a month.

Water the garlic beginning in spring, when the top inch (2.5 cm.) of soil is dry. Withhold water when the cloves are developing, usually around mid-summer.

Pull weeds while they’re small and don’t allow them to take over the garden. Weeds draw moisture and nutrients from the garlic plants.

Harvest Lorz Italian garlic plants when they begin to look brown and droopy, usually beginning in early summer.

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