Information About General Herb Care

With so many types of herbs, one might wonder how to keep track of pertinent herb plant care. No worries. Here you will find useful information on all aspects of caring for and using herbs in the garden. Everything from how to grow herb plants and general herb plant care to tips on dealing with herb problems is included within the following pages. So keep reading to find these helpful tips and learn how to begin growing herbs in your garden with ease.

Using Ancient Herbs: Tips On Creating An Ancient Herb Garden

Ever wonder what an ancient Roman herb garden would have looked like? Perhaps you wonder what are ancient herbs. Find the answers to these questions in this article, as well as information on how to create an ancient herb garden of your own.

Growing Herb Plants Together: Best Herbs To Grow Together In A Pot

Mixing herbs in a pot isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are some general rules of thumb when growing herb plants together. Click this article to find out what herbs will grow in one pot and other helpful information about growing herb plants together.

Healing Herb Plants – Tips On Growing A Medicinal Herb Garden

The kitchen herb garden is traditionally a small section of the garden where culinary and healing herb plants are grown along with fruits, veggies and ornamentals to provide easy access and aesthetic value. Learn about plants with healing effects in this article.

Storing Garden Herbs: Tips On Preserving Herbs From The Garden

If you’re growing herbs outside and want to use them year round, the best thing to do is to cut and preserve them. What are some of the best ways to do that? Click this article to learn more about preserving herbs from the garden.

Winterizing Your Herb Garden: How To Overwinter Herbs

If you’re concerned about winterizing your herb garden, the first step is to determine your plant’s cold hardiness and know your USDA growing zone. Armed with that basic information, you can easily learn how to overwinter herbs. Click here for more info.

Cold Hardy Herbs – Growing Herbs That Survive Winter

A cold climate herb garden may take a serious hit from frost and snow. Luckily, there are plenty of herbs that can withstand the cold, as well as ways to protect those that can’t. This article will help with tips on caring for herbs in cool climates.

Flowering Herbs For Bees: Planting Herbs That Attract Bees

Lately you may have heard of a decline in the honeybee population due to colony collapse disorder. So what can you do for the bees since they work so hard for you? How about creating a bee friendly herb garden? Click here to learn more.

Garden Inspired Cocktails – Tips On Growing Herbs For Cocktail Drinks

Is there anything more satisfying than stepping out into your garden after a day of hard work and plucking some delicious herbs for your dinner menu? Growing herbs for cocktail drinks is equally enjoyable. Learn more in this article.

Creating An Herb Wall Garden: How To Make An Herb Wall Garden

Plants that don’t require deep root depth are ideal candidates for vertical gardens. An herb wall garden is a perfect example. Outdoor and indoor vertical herb garden planters can be purchased but can you create a DIY herb wall? Click here for more info.

What Are Medicinal Plants: Gardening With Medicinal Herb Plants

While planning the layout of the garden plot, it might be interesting to include some medicinal plants to grow. What are medicinal herb plants and what plants can be included in a medicinal plant garden? Click here to learn more.

Potpourri Garden Plants: Creating A Potpourri Herb Garden

I love the aromatic scents of potpourri, but not necessarily the cost or particular fragrance of packaged potpourri. No matter, creating a potpourri herb garden is an easy and fulfilling undertaking. Learn more about this here.

Greek Herb Gardening: Information On Common Mediterranean Herb Plants

Mediterranean herb plants were commonly cultivated during the tenure of this ancient civilization for daily use. You, too, can enjoy the bounties of Greek herbs by following the info in this article.

Growing English Herb Gardens: Popular Herbs For English Gardens

Growing an English herb garden was a common practice at one time, and you can still enjoy these gardens today. This article will help get you started, so click here for more information on designing these gardens.

Italian Herb Garden: How To Create An Italian Herb Theme

There really is almost nothing better than the flavors of Italy, and designing an Italian herb garden can allow you to enjoy these flavors year round. Learn more about these garden herbs here.

Mexican Herb Theme: Designing A Mexican Herb Garden

Designing a Mexican herb garden for your landscape might be just the thing to add a little south of the border zing into weeknight dinners. Learn more about Mexican herb gardens in this article.

Herbs That Root In Water – How To Grow Herb Plants In Water

Herbs are popular garden plants, but creative gardeners are beginning to ask, “Can you grow herbs in water too?” The answer can be found in the article that follows. Click here for more information.

Mason Jar Herb Garden: Growing Herbs In Canning Jars

Most herbs are extremely easy to grow and growing them in a jar is a straightforward endeavor as long as you provide plenty of light and proper drainage. Learn more here in this article and get started today.

Herb Growing Problems: Common Herb Garden Pests And Diseases

Herb growing problems tend to be relatively few so long as you pay attention to a few golden rules. Learn what those are and find tips for protecting herb gardens from pests and diseases in this article.

What Is A Spiral Herb Garden: Spiral Herb Garden Plants

The spiral rock herb garden is an attractive, utilitarian design plucked straight from the natural world. Read this article to learn about spiral herb garden ideas and start your own spiral herb garden this season.

Common Thanksgiving Herbs: Using Potted Herbs For Holiday Dishes

Did you know you can grow many common Thanksgiving herbs and spices for use in your favorite holiday dishes? Learn more about these herbs in this article and spice up your holidays with home-grown herbs.

French Herb Garden Design: French Herb Plants For The Garden

Growing French herb plants in a true French herb garden design or “jardin potager” is really quite simple. Use this article to learn what plants to use and how to grow them. Click here to get started.

Growing Evergreen Herbs: Information On Evergreen Herbs To Plant In Gardens

Some of the most common herbs grown in the United States are evergreen. What are evergreen herbs? Learn more about growing these herb plants in this article so you can enjoy these year-round plants.

Asian Herb Garden: Information On Asian Herbs To Grow In Gardens

Growing an Asian herb garden brings exotic tastes and benefits to the home cook. Find out what herbs to use and how to grow them in the article that follows. Click here for more information on Asian herb gardens.

Repel Flies With Herbs: Information On Fly Repelling Herb Plants

Flies are everywhere. How can you win the battle to eradicate these pests? Believe it or not, there are herbs that repel flies. Learn what they are in this article and you'll have an arsenal right at your fingertips.

What Is An Herb Knot Garden: Growing A Small Kitchen Knot Garden

A knot garden is a unique way to let herbs shine. What is an herb knot garden? Knot garden design can be done by the lay person, but you need a plan and the right kinds of herbs. Learn more here.

Plants For Tea Gardens: How To Brew The Best Plants For Tea

There are many uses for herbs growing in the garden. Plants for tea gardens are just one. You may already have herbs suitable for the making of tea, but in this article are some of the best herbs for tea.

Herbal Tea Gardens: How To Use Tea Plants For A Garden

Herbal tea gardens are a great way to enjoy your favorite teas. It is easy to learn how to make tea gardens and there are numerous tea plants for a garden to choose from. This article will help.

Hanging Herb Garden: How To Make An Herb Planter

Enjoy all your favorite herbs throughout the season with a hanging herb garden. Not only are these easy to grow and versatile, but they’re great for those with little to no space. Click here to learn more.

Growing Herbs At Home: Making An Herb Garden In Your Yard

Do you want to plant an herb garden but are not sure you can do it? Never fear! Starting an herb garden is one of the easiest things you can do in the garden. This article will help get you started.

Indoor Herb Garden – How To Have An Herb Garden Inside

When you grow an herb garden inside, you can benefit from enjoying fresh herbs year round. In order to be successful at growing herbs indoors you need to follow a few simple steps. Read here to learn more.

Freezing Herbs – How To Keep Cut Herbs In The Freezer

Storing fresh herbs is an excellent way to make the herb harvest from your garden last all year round. Freezing herbs is a great way to store your herbs. Read here to learn how to freeze fresh herbs.

Herb Garden Designs – Different Ways For Designing An Herb Garden

Herb garden designs vary depending on the needs and preferences of their designers. They also differ in regards to their overall purpose. You can learn about different herb garden designs in this article.

Common Herbs: The Types Of Herbs You Can Grow In Your Garden

When thinking of planting herbs, many come to mind. If you are not familiar with growing edible herbs, you might be asking, "What kinds of herbs can I grow?" Read here for types of common garden herbs.

Growing An Indoor Window Sill Herb Garden – Tips For An Indoor Herb Garden

There is nothing like being able to pick fresh herbs for your favorite dishes right when you need them. This is where an indoor window sill herb garden comes in quite handy. Learn more in this article.

Shade Tolerant Herbs For Your Herb Garden

While most herbs prefer to be located in full sun, there are many shade tolerant herbs that can brighten up dull, dark areas of the garden. Learn about shade loving herbs in the article that follows.

How To Dry Herbs – Various Methods

There are various ways on how to dry herbs; however, they should always be fresh and clean beforehand. Learn about herb drying methods and choose the right one for you in the article that follows.

Try Something New This Spring – Grow Your Own Herbs

With spring on the way, you might consider growing all you need to make your cooking sing in your own garden or backyard. Tips for creating a spring herb garden can be found in this article.

Making Herbs Bigger Through Pinching And Harvesting

In an herb garden, you may have one thing in mind while herb plants have something else in mind - grow fast and produce flowers and seeds. Frequent pinching and harvesting helps with this. Click here for more.

Cutting Off The Flowering Tops On Herbs

One of the things to keep in mind when growing herbs is that you need to cut off the flowering tops as soon as you see them. Read this article for information about cutting tops off herb plants.

A Weed Is Just a Weed, Or Is It – Weeds That Are Herbs

While most people consider a weed to be nothing more than a nuisance, some of the most common garden weeds are actually beneficial herbs. Read this article to learn more about them.

How To Take Care Of Container Herbs During Cold Weather

Most people know that herbs will do quite nicely in containers throughout the summer months, but when cold weather comes, they are unsure of how to take care of their container grown herbs. Learn more here.

Spicing It Up With Exotic Culinary Herbs: Exotic Herbs To Grow In Your Garden

Looking for some extra spice in your herb garden, consider adding exotic herbs. Exotic herbs have been grown and cultivated throughout the world. Find tips for growing exotic herb plants in this article.

Learn About Invasive Herbs

Some members of the herb family are known to become quite invasive when planted in and amongst other herbs in the garden. Learn more about invasive herbs in this article so you can keep them from taking over.

Companion Planting In Your Herb Garden

We all know the benefits of vegetable companion planting, but what about growing herbs as companion plants? Creating a companion herb garden is no different and this article will help get you started.

The Top Ten Benefits Of Growing Your Own Herb Garden

There is more to herb gardening than meets the eye, and the benefits are profound. In this article, you will find information relating to the top ten herb garden benefits. Click here to take advantage of them.

The Medieval Herb Garden

One of the most important household duties of a medieval lady was the provisioning and harvesting of herbs and medicinal plants and roots. Learn about medieval herb gardens in this article.

The Fragrant Herb Garden

A fragrant herb garden is made up of herbal plants that are valued for their aromatic qualities. Find tips for creating a fragrant herb garden in this article so you can take advantage of its benefits.

Propagation In Your Herb Garden

There are many ways to propagate herbs in your herb garden - planting seeds, splitting the roots, taking cuttings, or using runners. Learn about the different methods of herb propagation in this article.

What Is An Herb Used For: Learn More About Herb Gardens

In order to know more about herb gardens, it helps to have an understanding of what an herb is. There are many types of herbs and herb gardens. Read here for information on using herb gardens.

Organic Herb Garden Ideas: How To Start An Organic Herb Garden

From their easy maintenance to their usefulness and fragrance, herbs are completely worth it, not to mention that organic herb garden ideas are endless. Click on this article to learn how to start an organic herb garden

Potted Herbs: Growing Herbs In Containers

Container gardening with herbal plants is an easy alternative to keeping a formal herb garden. There are many reasons for growing herbs in containers. Find out what those are and more in this article.

General Care For Your Herb Garden

Most herbs are easy to grow. In order to keep your herb garden healthy and flourishing, you need to provide it with a little tender loving care. Get tips on herb garden care in this article.

Edible Herb Gardens: Tips For Growing A Culinary Herb Garden

An edible herb garden, or culinary herb garden, is made up of herbs that are used mostly for adding flavor to your cooking and salads, or for making teas. Learn more in this article.

Herb Garden Design – Choosing A Site For Your Herb Garden

When choosing a site for your herb garden, there are several important factors you need to consider before selecting a permanent location. To find out what these are, the following article will help.

Designing An Herb Garden

A well-designed herb garden is a thing of beauty that will serve you well for years to come. Herbs are fairly easy to grow, but there are a few things to consider before starting. Read here for more info.