Early Golden Acre Cabbage Variety: How To Grow Golden Acre Cabbage

Green Golden Acre Cabbage
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For many home gardeners, growing cabbage is an excellent way to extend the gardening season. Whether grown in early spring or late into fall, cold tolerant cabbages thrive in cooler temperatures. Ranging in size, texture, and color, different open pollinated varieties of cabbage allow growers to choose the plants which best suit their garden and their growing zone. ‘Golden Acre’ is prized for its compact size and early maturity in the garden.

How to Grow Golden Acre Cabbage

Reaching maturity in about 60 to 65 days, Golden Acre cabbages are often among the first cabbages to be harvested from the garden in the spring. At peak harvest time, early Golden Acre cabbage plants produce heads that range from 3 to 5 pounds (1-2 kg.).

These smooth cabbage heads are exceptionally firm, and a good choice for growth in smaller garden spaces. The crisp, crunchy texture of Golden Acre cabbage variety makes it a fantastic choice for use in slaw and stir fry recipes.

Early Golden Acre cabbages will also require rich soil. A combination of high quality finished compost and nitrogen rich soil amendments are usually recommended for those wishing to form large cabbage heads.

When to Plant Golden Acre Cabbage

When it comes to Golden Acre cabbage, growing healthy transplants for the garden is key. Like other cultivars, the Golden Acre cabbage variety will need to be started and moved into the garden at the correct time.

To start the cabbage seeds, sow into seed starting trays in early spring or late summer depending upon the preferred harvest window. Spring cabbages will require enough time to mature before the heat of summer has arrived. Later plantings of cabbage may be made for harvest in the fall garden, however, it is likely that growers may struggle with insect pressure.

While it is possible to direct sow cabbage seeds, special care will need to be taken in order to protect delicate plant starts. 

Caring for Golden Acre Cabbage Variety

After planting, Golden Acre cabbage will require adequate conditions and soil nutrients in order to grow to their full potential. For the best results, it will be important that the plants receive ample sunlight and consistent moisture throughout the entire growing season.

When choosing to irrigate cabbages, always make certain to avoid wetting the leaves of the plant. This will help to reduce instances of disease and help to promote stronger plants.

Feeding the plants a few times each growing season will help to promote new growth, as well as help the cabbages to maintain vigor. As always, make certain to use amendments only as directed per the product label.

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