What Is Hyper Red Rumple Lettuce: Hyper Red Rumple Plant Care Guide

Sometimes the name of a plant is so fun and descriptive. That is the case with Hyper Red Rumple lettuce. What is Hyper Red Rumple lettuce? The name is an ample characterization of the visual appeal of this loose leaf, partial cos lettuce. Combined with its vibrant color, Hyper Red Rumple plant also produces tasty, tender leaves.

What is Hyper Red Rumple Lettuce?

Red lettuces really brighten up a sandwich or salad. The Hyper Red Rumple plant has an intense, maroon red color with ruffled leaves. Hyper Red Rumple lettuce info states that gardeners in United States Department of Agriculture zones 3 to 9 can grow this plant successfully. Lettuces prefer cool weather and can bolt in hot temperatures, so start this variety in spring or in a cool location for transplant in late summer. The lettuce ‘Hyper Red Rumple Waved’ is a beautiful example of a loose headed, red variety. This type is resistant to sclerotinia and downy mildew. It was bred by Frank Moron with a cross between Valeria and Wavy Red Cross. The result was a cold hardy, red savoyed green with pretty ruffling. Growing Hyper Red Rumple is best in regions with cool springs and summers; otherwise, the vegetable will bolt and release sesquiterpene lactones, which make the lettuce bitter. Red lettuces, interestingly, produce the antioxidant anthocyanin, which causes the color but also fights common cold weather diseases.

Growing Hyper Red Rumple

The Hyper Red Rumple info on the packet will give you growing tips and the zone and time for planting. In most regions, spring is the best time to direct sow, but you can also start the lettuce indoors in flats and transplant it out. Transplant 3 to 4 weeks after sowing into a prepared garden bed. Lettuces are extremely sensitive to soil which does not drain well and need plenty of nitrogen to produce their delicious leaves. Sow every 2 weeks for a continuous crop. Space plants 9 to 12 inches (23 to 30.5 cm.) apart for good air circulation. You can use the outer leaves for salads and then harvest the whole head for consumption.

Care of Hyper Red Rumple

Keep the soil averagely moist but never boggy. Overly wet soil contributes to fungal diseases and can cause the plant to rot off its stem. Water under the leaves, if possible, to minimize powdery mildew and other diseases. Slugs and snails adore lettuce. Use copper tape or a slug product to prevent leaf damage. Keep weeds, especially broadleaf varieties, away from the lettuce. This will help prevent leafhopper damage. Use shade cloth over late season plants to keep them cool and prevent bolting.

Bonnie L. Grant

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