Unusual Potato Uses – Quirky Tips For Using Potatoes From The Garden

Pile Of Potatoes
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Think potatoes are boring? You may have tried just about everything in the kitchen with the fantastic spuds but what are some unusual potato uses? Get playful and try some fun ways to use potatoes. These tubers aren't just for mashed potatoes anymore. 

What to Do with Potatoes 

The potato famine is past us and spuds are a common and inexpensive kitchen staple. Whether you fry them, mash them, or slather them with toppings as a baked extravaganza, using potatoes for projects is an exciting way to elevate the lowly tater. Rescue a soup, clean household items, and make art to name a few unusual potato uses.

If you have a bumper crop of spuds and they seem to be a plague, try having fun with potatoes. There is a number of ways to cook with them, but they are also useful in the home for weird chores. Save the left over water from cooking them and use it to remove tarnish from silverware. Rubbing a cut potato on rust will remove discoloration. It can also remove berry stains. Rub a stain in the carpet and rinse with warm water for a clean, like-new floor. You can even use a cut tater to clean glass or defog a diving mask or glasses. Break a light bulb in the socket? Turn off the power and use a piece of potato to safely remove the shards.

Ways to Use Potatoes for Beauty and Health

Mashed potato facial, anyone? It can help with blemishes and blackheads. Mix a little lemon juice in for better results. To reduce eye circles and puffiness, place thin slices of potato over the eyes for 15 minutes. Wash you face with potato water daily to reduce wrinkles. If you have a pesky wart, apply a slice of potato daily. 

Using potatoes can help improve your health inside and out. You can make a hot or cold compress with a cooked potato wrapped in a towel. Potato juice can help sooth a bruise, sprain, or even a headache. Waiting for a dentist appointment? Bite down on a piece of cold potato to alleviate tooth pain. 

Fun with Potatoes

Still looking for more ways to use potatoes? Get out the glue gun and ink. Have kids make a real life Mr. Potato Head, insect, or other character with googly eyes, felt, and pipe cleaners. Make mashed potatoes and add flour until the mixture is stiff enough to mold. An edible clay that you can dye different colors! Cut a spud in half and carve out stars, moons, and other shapes. Dip in ink or a stamp pad and use to make prints. A fun kid project is to hollow out a potato and fill it with soil and a couple of seeds. Watch them sprout and learn about how things grow.

Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.