Don’t Let Cold Weather Keep You From Growing Vegetables

The gardening season doesn’t have to end when the weather starts to change. Plenty of crops can still be grown in cooler weather, and will provide fresh vegetables through the late fall and early winter months. Read on to learn more.

Root, Root for These Cool Weather Vegetables

Some root vegetables are just built for growing in the cooler temperatures of the late autumn and early winter. Discover some commonly grown cool weather root veggies you can grow.

turnips growing close together


One thing many gardeners love about growing fall turnips is that they store well through the winter, making access to fresh vegetables after the growing season a breeze!

Learn more about growing turnips here.


Did you know that parsnips can actually be left in the ground through the winter? In fact, when left over winter they’ll actually be sweeter!

Get the Know How on growing cool weather parsnips here.

Five parsnips on a wooden plate
Bunches of beets


Beets do not grow well in warm weather. In fact, they thrive year round in regions where winters are relatively mild.

Learn more about beets and how to grow them here.


Carrots are a favorite among gardeners of all experience levels. With the right Know How, these tasty veggies can actually grow into the winter in many regions.

Get the Know How on growing carrots here.

Freshly harvested carrots
rutabagas in a wooden crate


Rutabaga is a cross between a turnip and cabbage and actually grows very similar to a turnip, making them a perfect late fall vegetable.

Find out how you can grow your own rutabagas here.

Want Even More Cool Weather Vegetables to Try?

Of course you do! Plenty of vegetables can be grown in the autumn and into the weather, it just takes a little Know How. Luckily, we’re sharing the tips and tricks to growing even more of our favorite cool weather crops.

Now Learn How to Extend Your Growing Season

Knowing which vegetables grow well in cooler weather is the first step in extending your growing season. Of course, much more goes into making sure you can have fresh vegetables through the fall and winter. Hit the button below to learn more about how you can extend your growing season.


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