Complete Guide To Cold Weather Crops

Learn more about cool weather crops. Extend the growing season with our complete guide to autumn and winter vegetable gardening.

A smiling person picks Brussels sprouts in the snow
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Don’t Let Cold Weather Keep You From Growing Vegetables

The summer heat has started to fade, so now what? Well, the gardening season doesn’t have to end when the weather starts to change.

Plenty of crops can still be grown in cooler weather, and will provide fresh vegetables through the late fall and early winter months. Let's look at a handful of the most popular, crisp-air loving vegetables being grown by Gardening Know How fans. Click the image below to learn more:

Of course, plenty of other vegetables can be successfully grown in cooler months. To dig deeper into vegetable gardening, we invite you to explore our popular guide to veggie gardens.

Know Your Zone

Now that we've decided which cool weather crops you want to grow, let's figure out your zone.

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map can help you determine the likelihood that certain plants will thrive in your garden. In late 2023, the USDA updated its zone maps for all 50 states. Click the map below to see what exact zone you're gardening in, and learn what it means for your garden.

USDA 2023 Plant Hardiness Zone Map

(Image credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture)

Root, Root for These Cool Weather Vegetables

Many root vegetables are just built for growing in the cooler temperatures of the late autumn and early winter. Discover some commonly grown cool weather root veggies you can grow:

Want Even More Cool Weather Vegetables to Try?

Of course you do!

So many more vegetables can be grown in the autumn and into the winter, it just takes a little Know How. Luckily, we’re sharing the tips and tricks to growing even more of our favorite cool weather crops. To learn more about these staff picks, click on any of the images below:

Now Learn How to Extend Your Growing Season

Knowing which vegetables grow well in the cooler weather you experience in the fall and winter is the first step to extending your growing season.

Of course, much more goes into making sure you can have fresh vegetables through the fall and winter. So, let's continue this journey by learning more about how you can extend your growing season.

Want to Grow Veggies Inside?

Let's suppose you live in an area where it's just no possible to grow veggies in the late fall and early winter. Or, you just don't have the outdoor space for veggies. Don't give up on gardening just yet!

We have a wealth of information about growing vegetables indoors, including how you can regrow kitchen scraps without leaving your house!