How To Extend Your Growing Season

Don't stop gardening just because the weather is changing. Learn how to extend your growing season with Gardening Know How.

A woman harvests melons in a hoop house
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Gardening When the Weather Changes

Here at Gardening Know How, we don’t believe in shutting things down when the weather turns.

So, for those of you who live in regions where cold winters aren’t conducive to gardening, you have options! Let’s explore some of the ways you can still garden through the fall and winter. Click on any of the images below to dig deeper:

Know Your Zone

In addition to knowing how you're going to extend your growing season, it's also important to know your zone.

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map can help you determine the likelihood that certain plants will thrive in your garden. In late 2023, the USDA updated its zone maps for all 50 states. Click the map below to see what exact zone you're gardening in, and learn what it means for your garden.

USDA 2023 Plant Hardiness Zone Map

(Image credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture)

Know Your Frost

Of course, knowing your zone only helps extend your growing season when you understand frost, both when it happens in your region and what type of frost you get. Below you'll find more information on frost and how to deal with it:

Some Flowers Are Built for the Cooler Seasons

It isn’t just fruits and vegetables that can be grown successfully in the cooler months. In fact, many ornamentals thrive when the traditional growing season starts to wind down. Keep scrolling to discover some flowers that don't mind a little chill in the air.

As the fall turns into winter, you may be thinking about your spring and summer flowers. Let Gardening Know How guide you through planning out your flowers with our Complete Guide to Growing Flowers.

Fruit Trees Perfect for Fall Planting

While many vegetables and flowers can be planted in the fall, the changing of the seasons is also a great time to get trees in the ground. In fact, many gardeners believe that fall is the best time to plant trees.

The truth is, Autumn planting will help new trees establish roots and get ready for a productive spring and summer. Learn more about fall planting trees that’ll be worth the wait by clicking on any of the images below:

Other Types of Trees To Plant Now

Many trees will benefit from fall planting. To learn more about which trees best match your needs and location, visit our Complete Guide to Buying, Growing, and Caring for Trees.