Animals For A Small Farm: What Are Good Hobby Farm Animals

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Creating a hobby farm is an excellent opportunity for those living in rural areas, as well as city dwellers, to begin moving closer to nature. Regardless of the reason for starting a hobby farm, the focus of these farms is not on the production of income. Rather, farm owners focus on their own enjoyment of growing their own food and raising their own animals.

Choosing which hobby farm livestock to raise will depend on the needs of the owner. Determining what are good hobby farm animals will help create a hobby that is both rewarding and enjoyable.

What are Good Hobby Farm Animals?

Choosing animals for hobby farms will depend on many factors. Among these considerations are location, size, needs, prior experience, and time that can be dedicated to care. In selecting animals to have on a hobby farm, many suggest starting small. Doing so will allow for the gradual introduction of animals and the responsibilities associated with them. While worthwhile, keeping hobby farm livestock will also require hours of hard work and manual labor.

Before the purchase of any hobby farm livestock, one should research their selection carefully. This will allow farmers to fully familiarize themselves with the needs of the animals, as well as expectations related to their care.

All animals should be purchased from local, reputable sources. This will allow for sound advice and guidance regarding the animals and ensure that they are healthy and free of disease.

  • Honeybees - Honeybees are among the most popular additions to hobby farms. Many choosing animals for hobby farms are immediately drawn to their usefulness as pollinators in the garden and in their potential for home honey production. Care for established beehives is relatively minimal compared to other livestock, which makes them a good option for those who are able to tend them safely.
  • Chickens - Like bees, chickens are another ideal animal to have on a hobby farm. Since chickens require little space, even those with the smallest of holdings are able to successfully care for these birds. Consistent egg production is an added perk of these animals.
  • Goats - For those looking for larger animals to have on a hobby farm, goats may be the answer. Goats are known for their silly and amusing antics. Unlike some smaller animals, goats will require more green space and very strong fencing to ensure that they cannot escape.

Other smaller animals for beginners might include raising turkeys, pigs, or ducks.

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