Tips For Attracting Bees – Plants That Attract Bees To The Garden

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Bees do the bulk of pollinating work in a garden. It’s thanks to bees that flowers get pollinated and grow into fruit. That’s why it just makes sense to develop a plan for attracting bees to your backyard. Installing flowering plants that attract bees is an important step when creating a honeybee garden. Read on for information about planting flowers that attract bees and other steps you can take to encourage these important pollinators.

Attracting Bees to Gardens

There is more than one key to creating a honeybee garden. Putting in flowers that attract bees is an important step, but that’s not the only factor to keep in mind. Bees can be affected by even slight amounts of chemical pesticides, so be sure you don’t use any. Use IPM (integrated pest management) strategies like cultural, mechanical and biological pest control rather than spraying toxins. You can also support bee populations by providing shelter in your backyard from wind and weather, which can include appropriate siting for bee housing.

Plants that Attract Bees

Most flowering plants will be attractive to bees. Focus on flowers that are blue, white, yellow or purple, as these are the colors that bees find most enticing. Also, those having blossoms that produce lots of nectar, like butterfly bush, are especially attractive. But the best plants for supporting the entire life cycle of bees are native plants. By “going native,” you essentially create an additional habitat of plants well suited to your backyard. This will have multiple benefits because you will encourage bees to forage for nectar as well as other wildlife, like caterpillars and birds. Making a honeybee garden doesn’t require a complete revamp when it comes to attracting bees. Simply plant native flowers that attract bees between your current plantings, and include plants that will flower during different parts of the season to keep the garden flourishing throughout the summer and well into fall. Every region has its own native flowers for this purpose, and it’s best to select plants that grow naturally in your area. That said, here is a short list of some flowering plants you might consider adding to your backyard:

Herb pants that attract bees include:

Trees and shrubs can also be very good at attracting bees. These include:

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