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What is a mermaid garden and how do I make one? A mermaid garden is an enchanting little sea-themed garden. A mermaid fairy garden, if you will, can begin with a terracotta or plastic pot, glass bowl, sand bucket, or even a teacup. Mermaid garden ideas are endless, but the common factor is, of course, a mermaid. No two mermaid fairy gardens are alike, so unleash your creativity and let’s get started!

How to Make a Mermaid Garden

Nearly any container can be magically turned into a mermaid fairy garden. The container must have good drainage holes in the bottom (unless you’re making a mermaid fairy garden in a terrarium). Fill the container nearly to the top with commercial potting mix (never use regular garden soil). If you’re using cacti or succulents, use a mixture of half potting mix and half sand, vermiculite, or pumice. Plant your mermaid garden with the plants of your choice. Slow-growing cacti and succulents work well, but you can use any plant you like, including artificial aquarium plants. Cover the potting mix with a layer of tiny pebbles to turn your miniature mermaid garden into a watery undersea world. You can also use fish bowl gravel, colored sand, or anything that reminds you of the sea floor. Place the mermaid figurine in her miniature garden, then have fun decorating her world. Mermaid garden ideas include sea shells, interesting rocks, glass stones, signs, sand dollars, miniature castles, ceramic fish, or tiny treasure chests. You can also make outdoor mermaid gardens in the landscape or in larger pots. Mermaid garden ideas for outdoors include pots filled with tiny ferns, baby tears, pansies, or Irish moss for shade, or with cacti and succulents for a sunny spot. Really, whatever your idea of a mermaid garden is and which plants you choose is only limited to the imagination-- basically, anything goes so have fun with it!

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