October To-Do List – What To Do In The Garden In Fall

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Your October to-do list for the garden will depend on where you live. Knowing what to do in the garden for the month will help you prep it for the winter and make sure you’re hitting all the appropriate regional garden chores.

What to Do in the Garden Now

Gardening in October depends on local climate, but there are some chores everyone can do this time of year. It’s a great time, for instance, to have your soil tested by your local extension office and to make any necessary amendments. Clean up beds and rake and compost leaves. Plant new trees and shrubs and save dry seeds from vegetables and flowers you want to propagate or share.

Here are some specific regional garden chores for October:

Northwest Region

In the cooler interior of the Pacific Northwest region, you’ll want to:

Along the coast:

Western Region

In most areas of the West, like California, you can:

In Southern California:

Northern Rockies and Plains

In the colder growing zones of the Northern Rockies and Plains states, October is the time to:

Southwest Region

In the colder regions of the high desert:

In the hotter parts of the Southwest, now is the time to:

South-Central States

Warmer regions of the South-Central region are much like the southwest:

In the cooler parts of the South, like northern Texas:

Upper Midwest States

October begins to get cold and frosty in parts of the Upper Midwest:

Central Ohio Valley

There’s still much to do across the Ohio Valley region. In these middle states in October, you can:

Northeast Region

The Northeast varies in climate so pay attention to which area you’re located. In northern areas like Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont:

In the warmer states:

Southeast Region

In most of the Southeast region you can:

In South Florida:

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Mary Ellen Ellis has been gardening for over 20 years. With degrees in Chemistry and Biology, Mary Ellen's specialties are flowers, native plants, and herbs.