Pacific Northwest Evergreens – Choosing Evergreen Shrubs For Northwest Gardens

Pacific Northwest Evergreen Shrubs
NW evergreen shrub
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Weather in the Pacific Northwest ranges from rainy climates on the coast to high desert east of the Cascades, and even pockets of semi-Mediterranean warmth. This means if you’re looking for evergreen shrubs for the garden, you have a number of options.

Choosing Evergreen Shrubs for the Northwest

Gardeners have a diverse selection when it comes to growing evergreen bushes in the Northwest, but it’s important to consider growing zones, as well as requirements for sun and soil conditions in your particular garden.

Local nurseries and greenhouses usually offer the best choice of northwestern evergreen shrubs.

Evergreen Shrubs for Northwest Gardens

To ease the overwhelming choices of Pacific Northwest evergreens, here are a few ideas to pique your interest.

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