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Choosing Zone 3 Roses – Can Roses Grow In Zone 3 Climates

By Stan V. Griep, American Rose Society Consulting Master Rosarian – Rocky Mountain District

Can roses grow in Zone 3? You read correctly, and yes, roses can be grown and enjoyed in Zone 3. That said, the rosebushes grown there must have a toughness and hardiness factor way above most others on the common market today. Learn more in this article.

Zone 3 Vegetable Gardening: When To Plant Vegetables In Zone 3 Regions

By Liz Baessler

Zone 3 is known for its cold winters and its especially short growing season, which can be a problem for annual plants as well. Click here to learn more about when to plant vegetables in zone 3 and how to get the best out of zone 3 vegetable gardening.

Zone 3 Seed Starting: When To Start Seeds In Zone 3 Climates

By Liz Baessler

Gardening in zone 3 is tricky. The growing season is typically short. Because of this, starting seeds indoors in the spring is pretty much essential with zone 3 gardening. Learn more about how and when to start seeds in zone 3 in this article.

Cold Hardy Shrubs: How To Find Shrubs For Zone 3 Gardens

By Teo Spengler

If your home is in one of the northern states, you may live in zone 3. Temperatures in zone 3 can dip to minus 30 or 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so you?ll need to find cold hardy shrubs to populate your garden. This article can help with that.

Cold Hardy Cherry Trees: Suitable Cherry Trees For Zone 3 Gardens

By Amy Grant

If you live in one of the cooler regions, you might despair of ever growing your own cherry trees, but the good news is that there are many cold hardy cherry trees suitable for growing in climates with short growing seasons. Click here for zone 3 cherry trees.

Zone 3 Vines For Gardens – Learn About Vines That Grow In Cold Regions

By Liz Baessler

Looking for vines that grow in cold regions can be a little discouraging. Vines often have a tropical feel to them, and a corresponding tenderness to cold. Learn about vines that grow in cold regions, particularly hardy vines for zone 3 in this article.

Cold Hardy Clematis Plants: Tips On Growing Clematis In Zone 3

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Finding the right clematis vines for zone 3 is essential unless you want to treat them as annuals and sacrifice heavy blooms. Cold hardy clematis do exist, however, and this article can help get you started on suitable options for zone 3 gardens.

Zone 3 Flowering Shrubs – Growing Cold Hardy Flowering Shrubs

By Teo Spengler

If you live in USDA plant hardiness zone 3, your winters can be chilly indeed. But that doesn?t mean your garden can?t have blossoms aplenty. You can find cold hardy flowering shrubs that will thrive in your region. For more information, click here.

Cold Hardy Deciduous Trees: What Are Good Deciduous Trees For Zone 3

By Teo Spengler

If you live in one of the colder parts of the country, the trees you plant will have to be cold hardy. You may think you are limited to evergreen conifers. However, you also have quite a few cold hardy deciduous trees to choose between. This article will help.

List Of Zone 3 Junipers: Tips For Growing Junipers In Zone 3

The sub-zero winters and short summers of USDA plant hardiness zone 3 present a real challenge for gardeners, but cold hardy juniper plants make the job easier. Choosing hardy junipers is easy too, and this article will help get you started.

Cold Hardy Blueberry Bushes: Growing Blueberries In Zone 3

By Amy Grant

With the advent of half-high berries, growing blueberries in zone 3 is a more realistic proposition. The following article discusses how to grow cold hardy blueberry bushes and cultivars suitable as zone 3 blueberry plants.

Cold Hardy Japanese Maple Trees – Will Japanese Maples Grow In Zone 3

By Jackie Carroll

Japanese maples are lovely trees that add structure and brilliant seasonal color to the garden. Since they rarely exceed a height of 25 feet, they are perfect for small lots and home landscapes. Take a look at Japanese maples for zone 3 in this article.

Zone 3 Grasses For Gardens And Lawns: Growing Grass In Cold Climates

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Cold climate gardeners in USDA zone 3 can have difficulty finding the right plants that will perform well year around and survive some of the coldest winters. Zone 3 grasses for gardens are limited, but this article should help.

What Are Some Hardy Trees For Zone 3 Landscapes

By Jackie Carroll

Zone 3 is one of the colder zones in the U.S., where winters are long and frigid. Many plants simply won?t survive in such harsh conditions. If you?re looking for help in choosing hardy trees for zone 3, then this article should help with suggestions.

Cold Hardy Apples: Choosing Apple Trees That Grow In Zone 3

By Amy Grant

Dwellers in cooler climates still crave the flavor and satisfaction of growing their own fruit. The good news is that one of the most popular, the apple, has varieties that can take winter temperatures as low as -40, USDA zone 3. Learn more here.

Cold Climate Annuals: Learn About Growing Annuals In Zone 3

Zone 3 annual flowers are single season plants that don?t have to survive the climate?s sub-zero winter temperatures, but cold hardy annuals face a relatively short spring and summer growing season. Learn more about these in this article.

Cold Hardy Grapevines – Tips For Growing Grapes In Zone 3

By Amy Grant

Most grape cultivars won?t grow anywhere but in the warmest of the USDA zones, but there are some cold hardy grapevines out there. The following article contains information on growing grapes in zone 3 and recommendation for grapes for zone 3 gardens.

Zone 3 Maple Trees: What Are The Best Maples For Cold Climates

Most maple trees prefer the cool temperatures in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 9, but a few cold hardy maples can tolerate sub-zero winters in zone 3. This article has a list of a few of the best maples for cold climates of zone 3.

Zone 3 Tree Nuts: What Nut Trees That Grow In Cold Climates

By Amy Grant

If you?re a nut for nuts and live in a colder region, there are some nut trees that grow in cold climates hardy to zone 3. What edible nut trees for zone 3 are available? Click this article to find out about nut trees in zone 3.

Ferns For Zone 3 Gardens: Types Of Ferns For Cold Climates

By Liz Baessler

Ferns are one variety of plant that is extremely hardy and adaptable. Not all ferns are cold hardy, but quite a few are. Learn more about cold hardy fern plants, specifically garden ferns hardy to zone 3, in this article.

Zone 3 Hydrangea Varieties – Tips On Growing Hydrangeas In Zone 3

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Hydrangeas are as popular and widely grown as ever. Even those of us who live in cooler climates can enjoy plenty of varieties of beautiful hydrangeas. Learn about zone 3 hardy hydrangeas in this article. Click here for more info.

Types Of Kiwi For Zone 3: Choosing Kiwi For Cold Climates

By Amy Grant

Most kiwi can only be grown in areas that have at least 225 frost free growing days with moderate winter temps. If you love kiwi but don?t live in such temperate zones, fear not. There are several types are cold hardy kiwi vines. Learn more about zone 3 kiwi plants here.

Cold Hardy Vines – Choosing Flowering Vines For Zone 3

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Cold hardy vines for USDA zone 3 are often found wild and important sources of food and shelter for animals. Many are also ornamental and make perfect flowering vines in cold climates. Some suggestions for zone 3 vine plants can be found here.

What Trees Bloom In Zone 3: Choosing Flowering Trees For Zone 3 Gardens

Growing flowering trees or shrubs may seem like an impossible dream in USDA plant hardiness zone 3, but there are several flowering trees that grow in zone 3. Click on this article to learn about a few beautiful and hardy zone 3 flowering trees.

Zone 3 Evergreen Plants – Choosing Cold Hardy Shrubs And Trees

By Teo Spengler

If you live in zone 3, you have chilly winters when the temperature can dip into negative territory. While this may give tropical plants pause, many evergreens love crisp winter weather. Which are the best zone 3 evergreen plants? Click here to learn more.

Zone 3 Rhododendrons – Tips On Growing Rhododendrons In Zone 3

By Teo Spengler

You?ll find all kinds of rhododendrons for cold climates on the market. If you are interested in growing rhododendrons in zone 3, then click this article. Cold climate rhododendrons are out there just waiting to bloom in your garden.

Zone 3 Shade Plants – Choosing Hardy Plants For Zone 3 Shade Gardens

Selecting hardy plants for zone 3 shade can be challenging to say the least. Are there really suitable zone 3 shade plants? Yes, there are several tough shade plants that tolerate such punishing climates. Click this article for shade loving plants in cold climates.

Cold Climate Raspberry Shrubs – Tips On Growing Raspberries In Zone 3

By Amy Grant

Raspberries want sunshine and warm, not hot, temperatures, but what if you live in a cooler climate? How about growing raspberries in zone 3, for example? The following article contains information on growing cold climate raspberry shrubs in USDA zone 3.

Cold Hardy Herbs – Tips On Growing Herbs In Zone 3 Regions

By Amy Grant

Many herbs hail from the Mediterranean and, as such, tend to like sun and warmer temperatures; but if you live in a cooler climate, fear not. There are quite a few cold hardy herbs suitable for cold climates. Click this article for more information.

Zone 3 Hardy Succulents – Tips On Growing Succulent Plants In Zone 3

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Surprisingly, many succulents can thrive in wet regions like the Pacific Northwest and even cold places such as zone 3 regions. There are several zone 3 hardy succulents that can withstand winter temperatures and excess precipitation. Learn more here.

Vegetables For Zone 3: What Are Vegetables That Grow In Cold Climates

By Amy Grant

With such a small growing window, is it even worth trying vegetable gardening in zone 3? Yes! There are many vegetables that grow well in cold climates and with a little assistance, zone 3 vegetable gardening is well worth the effort. This article will help.

Dwarf Trees For Zone 3: How To Find Ornamental Trees For Cold Climates

By Liz Baessler

If you live in zone 3, you?re going to need a tree that can stand up to the cold. Learn more about ornamental trees for cold climates, specifically dwarf trees for zone 3, in this article. Click here for additional information.

Zone 3 Hosta Plants: Learn About Planting Hosta In Cold Climates

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Hostas are one of the most popular shade garden plants because of their easy maintenance. With hundreds of varieties available, most for zones 4-9, you may wonder if it?s possible to find one for cooler regions. This article will help with growing hostas in zone 3.

Zone 3 Wisteria Plants – Varieties Of Wisteria Vines For Zone 3

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Plants for zone 3 must be tough and hardy, and able to withstand extended freezing temperatures. Growing wisteria in zone 3 used to be fairly impractical but now a new cultivar has introduced an extremely hardy form of the Asian vine. Learn more here.

Learn About Cold Weather Plants For Zones 2-3

USDA plant hardiness zones were created to identify how plants fit into different temperature zones and tolerate the coldest temperatures. Learn more about the plants that grow in cold climates, like zones 2 and 3, in this article.

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