Information About Zone 4

Zone 4 Roses – Learn About Growing Roses In Zone 4 Gardens

Many of us love roses but not everyone has the ideal climate for growing them. That said, with adequate protection and proper selection, it is totally possible to have beautiful rosebushes in zone 4 regions. Click here to learn about roses hardy to zone 4.

Cold Hardy Vegetables – Tips On Planting A Vegetable Garden In Zone 4

Little vegetable seeds stir to life in seed trays in the kitchen, anticipating the warm soil and sunny garden they will eventually grow in. Spring will eventually come and, as always, summer and a bountiful harvest will follow. Find tips on planting a vegetable garden in zone 4 here.

Zone 4 Seed Starting: Learn When To Start Seeds In Zone 4

Winter can quickly lose its charm after Christmas, especially in frigid areas like U.S. hardiness zone 4 or lower. So when exactly is too early for starting seeds in zone 4? Naturally, this depends on what you are planting. Learn when to start seeds in zone 4 here.

Cold Hardy Fruit Trees – What Fruit Trees Grow In Zone 4 Gardens

Cold climates have their charm, but gardeners moving to a zone 4 location may fear that their fruit-growing days are over. Not so. If you choose carefully, you’ll find lots of fruit trees for zone 4. For more information about what fruit trees grow in zone 4, click here.

Zone 4 Cherry Trees: Choosing And Growing Cherries In Cold Climates

Everybody loves cherry trees, but gardeners in cooler climates might doubt that they can successfully grow cherries. Do hardy cherry tree varieties exist? Are there cherry trees that grow in zone 4? For tips on growing cherries in cold climates like this, click here.

Zone 4 Blueberries – Types Of Cold Hardy Blueberry Plants

Blueberries are sometimes overlooked as options in a colder USDA zone, but new cultivars have made growing blueberries in zone 4 a reality. The following article contains information on cold hardy blueberry plants for zone 4 gardens.

Zone 4 Magnolias: Tips On Growing Magnolia Trees In Zone 4

Do magnolias make you think of the South, with its warm air and blue skies? You’ll find that these gracious trees with their elegant flowers are hardier than you think. Some cultivars even qualify as zone 4 magnolias. Click this article to learn more.

Zone 4 Pears: Pear Trees That Grow In Zone 4 Gardens

While you may not be able to grow citrus trees in the cooler regions of the United States, there are a number of cold hardy fruit trees suited to USDA zone 4 and even zone 3. Pears are ideal. Learn more about zone 4 pear trees in this article.

Cold Hardy Peach Trees: Choosing Peach Trees For Zone 4 Gardens

Many people are surprised to learn that northern gardeners can grow peaches. The key is to plant trees suited to the climate. Use the information found in this article to find out about growing cold hardy peach trees in zone 4 gardens.

Cold Hardy Japanese Maples: Selecting Japanese Maples For Zone 4 Gardens

Cold hardy Japanese maples are great trees to invite into your garden. However, if you live in zone 4, you’ll have to take special precautions or consider container planting. If you are considering growing Japanese maples in zone 4, click here for tips.

Zone 4 Nectarine Trees: Types Of Cold Hardy Nectarine Trees

Growing nectarines in cold climates is not historically recommended. Certainly, in USDA zones colder than zone 4, it would be foolhardy. But all that has changed and there are now cold hardy nectarine trees available for zone 4. Learn about them here.

Cold Hardy Grasses: Choosing Ornamental Grasses For Zone 4 Gardens

What adds sound and movement to the garden as well as a graceful beauty no other class of plants can top? Ornamental grasses! Find out about zone 4 ornamental grasses in this article. Click here to get started.

Cold Hardy Juniper Plants: Growing Junipers In Zone 4

If you live in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 4, you may wonder if juniper can grow and thrive in your garden. For the information you need about junipers for zone 4, click on the following article to learn more.

How Hardy Are Apricot Trees: Apricot Tree Varieties For Zone 4 Gardens

Apricots are small early blooming trees cultivated for their delicious fruit. Because they bloom early, any late frost can severely damage the flowers, hence fruit set. So how hardy are apricot trees? Are there any apricot trees suited to grow in zone 4? Find out here.

Cold Hardy Trees: Tips On Growing Trees In Zone 4

Properly placed trees can add value to your property. Trees can provide privacy and year round interest in the landscape. Click this article to learn more about cold hardy trees and growing trees in zone 4.

Cold Hardy Viburnums – Growing Viburnum Shrubs In Zone 4

Gardeners living in zone 4 will want to choose cold hardy viburnums. Temperatures in zone 4 can dip pretty far below zero in winter. Fortunately, you’ll find that there are more than a few viburnum varieties for zone 4. Learn more in this article.

Cold Hardy Lavender Plants: Tips On Growing Lavender In Zone 4 Gardens

Cold hardy lavender might need a little more TLC if you don’t have a reliable snow pack, but there are still lavender plants for zone 4 growers available. Click here to find out about lavender varieties for cold climates and information about growing lavender in zone 4.

Cold Hardy Flowering Trees: Growing Ornamental Trees In Zone 4

Ornamental trees enhance your property while adding to the resale value. Why plant a plain tree when you can have one with flowers, brilliant fall foliage, ornamental fruit and other attractive features? This article offers ideas for planting ornamental trees in zone 4.

Bushes That Grow In Zone 4: Growing Shrubs In Zone 4 Gardens

Whether evergreen or deciduous, there are many shrubs for each hardiness zone that can add beauty and continual interest in the landscape. This article provides information about bushes that grow in zone 4. Click here to learn more.

Zone 4 Deciduous Trees – Choosing Cold Hardy Deciduous Trees

If you are interested in growing deciduous trees in zone 4, you’ll want to know as much as possible about cold hardy deciduous trees. Find some tips about deciduous trees for zone 4 in this article. Click here for more information.

Zone 4 Blackberries: Types Of Cold Hardy Blackberry Plants

In my neck of the woods, blackberries grow like weeds, but we love them anyway. I’m in a fairly temperate zone, but what about growing blackberries in zone 4? Are there cold hardy blackberry plants? Learn more in this article.

Zone 4 Evergreen Trees: Choosing Evergreen Trees For Zone 4 Gardens

If you want to grow evergreen trees in zone 4, you’re in luck. You’ll find an abundance of species to choose from. In fact, the only difficulty is in choosing just a few. This article will help get you started with selecting hardy evergreen trees.

Cold Hardy Azaleas: Choosing Azaleas For Zone 4 Gardens

Zone 4 is not as cold as it gets in the continental USA, but it’s still pretty cold. You’ll find more than a few varieties of cold hardy azaleas that would thrive in zone 4. Click this article for tips about growing azaleas in cold climates of zone 4.

Cold Hardy Grape Varieties: Tips On Growing Grapes In Zone 4

Grapes are a fantastic crop for cold climates. Lots of vines can withstand very low temperatures, and the payoff when the harvest comes is so worth it. Learn more about cold hardy grape varieties, particularly grapes for zone 4 conditions, in this article.

Zone 4 Ground Covers: Choosing Plants For Zone 4 Ground Coverage

Zone 4 ground covers must be hardy to winter temperatures of -30 to - 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-34 to -28 C.). While this may limit some of the choices, there are still plenty of options for the cold zone gardener. Learn about them in this article.

Rhododendrons For Zone 4 Gardens – Types Of Cold Hardy Rhododendrons

It used to be that gardeners in the north couldn't take advantage of rhododendron plants because they could be killed in the first hard freeze. Today, rhododendrons for zone 4 are not only possible but a reality and there are several from which to choose. Learn more here.

Zone 4 Evergreen Shrubs – Growing Evergreen Shrubs In Cold Climates

Evergreen shrubs are important plants in the landscape, providing color and texture all year round. Selecting zone 4 evergreen shrubs requires careful consideration, however, as not all evergreens are equipped to withstand winter temperatures. This article will help.

Cold Hardy Annuals – Growing Annuals In Zone 4

In zone 4 we tend to grow other, less hardy plants, like geraniums or lantana, as annuals even though they are perennials in warmer zones. Learn about growing annuals in zone 4 and overwintering frost sensitive plants in frost prone areas in this article.

Cold Hardy Vines: Are There Perennial Vines For Zone 4 Gardens

Finding good climbing plants for cold climates can be tricky. There are plenty of perennial vines for zone 4 conditions, if you just know where to look. Learn more about cold hardy vines, in particular zone 4 vine plants, in this article.

Zone 4 Xeriscape Plants – What Are Some Cold Hardy Xeriscape Plants

Zone 4 xeriscape plants must be the most adaptable of flora, developing hardiness in two types of weather extremes. Some tips and lists on the perfect cold region xeriscape plants can get you started on the path to drought garden success. This article will help.

Cold Hardy Hydrangeas: Choosing Hydrangeas For Zone 4

Botanical experimentation has developed varieties of hydrangeas for cold climates, which means there are hydrangeas for zone 4, so northern gardeners don't have to forgo these eye catching bushes. Learn more about these shrubs here.

Zone 4 Nut Trees – Tips On Growing Nut Trees In Zone 4

If you’re gardening in zone 4, one of the coolest northern climates, you’re in luck as there’s no shortage of hardy nut trees that grow in zone 4 gardens. Click this article to learn about some of the best zone 4 nut trees, and a few helpful tips for growing them.

Zone 4 Cactus Plants: Types Of Cold Hardy Cactus Plants

Growing cactus in cold climates is possible if you choose one of these cold resilient varieties and if you provide some protection and shelter for semi-hardy specimens. Get tips on choosing cactus for zone 4 in this article.

Growing Cold Hardy Vegetables: Tips On Vegetable Gardening In Zone 4

Vegetable gardening in zone 4 is a challenge to be sure, but it’s definitely possible to grow a bounteous garden, even in a climate with a short growing season. The key is choosing the best vegetables for cold climates. Learn more in this article.

Maples For Cold Climates – Types Of Maple Trees For Zone 4

Zone 4 is a difficult area where many perennials and even trees cannot survive the long, cold winter. One tree that comes in many varieties that can endure zone 4 winters is the maple. Learn more about cold hardy maple trees in this article.

Zone 4 Yucca Plants – What Are Some Winter Hardy Yuccas

Adding a touch of desert elegance to the northern cold season garden can be challenging. Lucky for those of us in cold zones, there are winter hardy yuccas. This article will detail some of the zone 4 yucca plants suitable for such chilly climes.

Cold Hardy Hostas: Best Hosta Plants For Zone 4 Gardens

You’re in luck if you’re a northern gardener looking for cold hardy hostas, as hostas are remarkably tough and resilient. Exactly how cold hardy are hostas? These shade-tolerant plants are suitable for growing in zone 4. Learn more in this article.

Hibiscus For Cold Climates: Tips On Growing Hardy Hibiscus In Zone 4

While it is true that the classic hibiscus is native to the tropics, there exists a very popular hybrid called Hibiscus moscheutos that’s hardy all the way down to USDA zone 4. Learn more about growing hardy hibiscus in zone 4 in this article.

Flower Bulbs For Zone 4: Tips On Planting Bulbs In Cold Climates

Zone 4 flowering bulbs follow the same rules as most others but must also be hardy enough to withstand extreme winter temperatures. This article will help with growing bulbs in cold climates like these and which bulbs are most suitable to zone 4.

Clematis Varieties For Zone 4: Growing Clematis In Zone 4 Gardens

While not all are considered cold hardy clematis vines, many of the popular varieties of clematis can be grown in zone 4, with the proper care. Use the information in this article to help determine suitable clematis for cold climates of zone 4.

Zone 4 Butterfly Bush Options – Can You Grow Butterfly Bushes In Cold Climates

If you’re attempting to grow butterfly bush in USDA planting zone 4, you have a challenge on your hands, as this is chillier than the plants really like. However, it is possible to grow most types of butterfly bushes in zone 4 – with stipulations. Learn more here.

Zone 4 Shade Loving Plants – Best Shade Plants For Zone 4 Gardens

It can be hard finding plants that last through the winter in zone 4. It can be just as daunting finding plants that thrive in the shade. If you know where to look, however, your options for zone 4 shade gardening are pretty great. This article will help.

Ornamental Grasses For Zone 4: Choosing Hardy Grasses For The Garden

Ornamental grasses grow quickly and require very little maintenance. Many ornamental grasses that are commonly used in the landscape are hardy to zone 4 or below. Click the article that follows to learn more about cold hardy grasses for the garden.

Zone 4 Dogwood Trees – Planting Dogwood Trees In Cold Climates

Many dogwoods are native to North America and are cold hardy from zones 4 to 9. It is important to choose the right species of dogwood trees for zone 4 to ensure their survival and continued beauty in your landscape. This article will help.

Hardy Kiwi Plants – Tips On Growing Kiwi In Zone 4

When we think of kiwi fruit, we think of a tropical location. No need to board a plane to experience fresh kiwi right off the vine. With tips from this article, you can grow your own hardy kiwi plants. Click here for more information.

Zone 4 Invasive Plants – What Are Common Invasive Plants That Thrive In Zone 4

USDA zone 4 covers much of the northern portion of the country. The following article contains information of the most common invasive plants in zone 4, although it is by no means comprehensive, as non-native plants are constantly being introduced.

Gardening In Zone 4: Tips For Gardening In Cold Climates

Zone 4 gardeners have a rather short growing season of about 113 days, so vegetable gardening in zone 4 can be challenging. The following article contains some helpful tips for gardening in cold climates and appropriate zone 4 garden plants.